Funny / Lupin III

  • The Shin Lupin III episode "ZenigataCon": Lupin impersonating Zenigata? Amusing. Lupin's entire gang impersonating Zenigata? Priceless.
  • An early manga chapter features Jigen riding in a car with a mob boss and his driver. The following exchange occurs:
    Driver: Hey boss, do you have a detachable steering wheel?
    Jigen: There's no such thing.
    Driver: Then we've got a problem.
    Boss: Stop the car!
    Driver: No can do, boss.
    Jigen: What's stopping you?
    Driver(looking out the window of the car, which is now falling from a cliff): Gravity.
  • Lupin III versus Detective Conan ends with the gang finding out about how Conan is actually a teenager, and Fujiko trying to "examine" Conan so she can discover the "secret to rejuvenation."
    • From the same movie, Zenigata has one mixed with CMOA: Conan misses and accidentally puts him to sleep to reveal the identity of the villain, but after 30 seconds Zenigata woke up with a very noisy yawn. Cue a terrified Conan wondering how it was even possible and calling him a monster, given that his sedative would have put to sleep an elephant for an hour.
  • As stated on its main and Trivia pages, there's four english dubs for The Mystery of Mamo... and each one has its own take on certain lines and bits of dialogue. A good example would be when the 10-wheel truck chasing Lupin and the gang runs Zenigata off the road...
    Zenigata (Toho dub): Did you see that driving power?!
    Zenigata (Streamline dub): *nervous laugh* What am I laughing about?
    Zenigata (Manga dub): Yeah-ha-ha-ha! You don't run me down as easy as that!
    Zenigata (Pioneer dub): *maniacal laugh* Watch out, Lupin!
  • Episode 78 of Red Jacket. Pretty much the whole thing, which is partially a parody of the 1965-74 TV series, The FBI, but with lots of old-school cartoon gags. Especially the Running Gag of Zenigata trying to get a cab ride.