Funny / Little Dorrit

  • The scene where a drunken, triumphant Pancks literally leapfrogs over his colleague after discovering the Dorrits' inheritance.
  • Near the end, when Amy and Arthur have their Big Damn Kiss, Daniel Doyce drags Cavalletto out of the room, but Cavalletto keeps looking back over his shoulder.
  • A bit of Black Comedy: soon after arriving in London Rigaud murders and robs Ephraim Flitwinch. Then he meets Ephraim's identical twin Jeremiah, and can't believe his eyes. It's the only time in the series that Rigaud looks shaken.
  • Fanny does not approve of Mrs. General making Fanny and Amy look at paintings.
    Fanny: I think that if I see another painting I might very well have to scream, Mrs. General!
    Mrs. General: I'm quite sure you'd do nothing so unladylike.
    Fanny: Don't count on it.
  • Mrs. Meagles says that Henry Gowan isn't a scoundrel, he's a gentleman.
  • In the miniseries Doyce gets a hilarious moment of borderline Burning with Anger as he repeatedly cusses out a malfunctioning machine while Arthur is trying to get his attention. Because his back is to the camera, the steam and sparks the machine emits seem to be coming out of his ears. Actually, that entire scene is rather amusing.
    Doyce: Damn it. DAMN it.
    Arthur: Dan, just to say that I won't be in this morning or this afternoon, I've got an appointment out of town.
    Doyce: In Twickenham?
    Arthur: Well...yes. Since you asked.
    Doyce: She's a lovely girl, Pet.
    Arthur: ...Yes.
    Doyce: Damn it. DAMN. ...Good luck!
  • "RENT-DAY!"
  • Mrs. Plornish attempting to speak "Italian."
  • "What have you done with Fanny, Frederick?" "I believe she's out walking. With, um, with Tip—" "EDWARD!"