YMMV / Little Dorrit

  • Tear Jerker: John's outburst to Arthur after Arthur lands in the Marshalsea.
    "She loves you! The very walls can see it!"
  • Values Dissonance: Modern readers often have a hard time with the Aesop that concludes Tattycoram's plot, in which she is supposed to reconcile herself to her proper station in life with the Meagles. Likewise, the fact that Miss Wade, an independent woman who has made her own way in the world and who might have been a beneficient and inspiring patron for Tattycoram, turns out to be cruel and completely out of touch with human feelings.
    • The whole father/daughter vibe Amy and Arthur have going on. In that time and place, a (theoretically) vulnerable young woman being thus taken under-wing by an experienced older man was seen as a natural and good thing; nowadays... not so much.
    • The conclusion, where Amy gives up her inheritance to spare Arthur the shame of knowing he's illegitimate, feels somewhat unsatisfying to a modern audience. (Tellingly, the BBC adaptation overturns this and has Tattycoram take the evidence straight to Arthur rather than to Amy and the Meagleses.)
  • The Woobie: Amy; Arthur; definitely John Chivery.