Heartwarming / Little Dorrit

  • As Mr. Dorrit was on his deathbed and mad, he instructs Amy to pawn his silver buttons and other small valuables so she won't starve. Even after everything, he loved her that much.
  • Amy and Arthur's I'll Never Tell You What I'm Telling You! moment when she finds out that an "anonymous gentleman" canceled Tip's debts.
    Amy: If I knew [who he was], I would take his hand, and kiss it, and thank Heaven that he took pity on us.
    Arthur: I am sure he was glad to do you this small service.
  • The Big Damn Kiss and spinning hug in the last episode.
  • Daniel Doyce returns from Russia to find that Merdle's bank was a fraud, they've lost the money Arthur put in the bank, and Arthur is a debtor in the Marshalsea. Arthur understandably worries that his business partner will blame him. Daniel doesn't. And he made enough money in Russia to make up for the money they lost.
  • Daniel pulling Cavaletto out of the room to give Amy and Arthur a few moments alone.
  • Daniel is just a nice guy. Nice enough to escort Affery at Arthur and Amy's wedding despite having no idea who she is. Watching them walk arm in arm, Affery's face absolutely RADIANT with joy after being creased with fear so long, is overwhelmingly sweet.