Funny / Little Bear

  • (Hen and Duck are carrying Owl on top of a "magic carpet" of cardboard while he plays the mandolin)
    Cat: Is it my turn yet?
    Hen: Not until Owl's ride is over, Cat. (She trips on a rock causing her, Duck, and Owl to lose balance and fall over)
    Cat: Is Owl's ride over now?
    Hen: Yes, Cat.
  • And in the same episode:
    Hen: We found a magic carpet that's going to take us to faraway lands.
    Cat: To Egypt.
    Owl: And India!
    Duck: And Ohio!
  • The Imagine Spot each of Little Bear's friends have of themselves as mermaids.
  • Hen and Cat are the ones left when they play Musical Chairs. Ladylike Hen of all people narrows her eyes at Cat as if to say, "Oh yes, it's on'."
    • In the same episode, Cat wins and his prize is a ball of yarn. He goes crazy with it for a minute before becoming embarrassed that he's tangled and is ready to move onto the next game.
  • Little Bear getting in his father's bath in "Family Bath Time" and then them both pulling in Mother Bear, still in her clothes.
  • Everyone singing the winter song in "Winter Solstice" the proper way- "Mother Bear loves winter, Father Bear loves winter, and I do too... and I do too!" and such, then Duck finishes it off with "Hee hee, AND ME TOO!"
  • For some reason Owl really wants to wear a suit.
    *jealous of the others complimenting Little Bear* "I'd look elegant too if I had that suit on."
    "Now I'll never get to wear a suit..."
    • And his excited hoot when he's allowed to wear Little Bear's jacket.
  • Inthe same episode, what they all say to make themselves smile for the camera (and how the picture actually turned out):
    Cat and Hen: Cheese!
    Owl: Mozzarella!
    Duck: ANYTHING!
  • When everyone is listening to their echoes while on top of a mountain, Duck tries yodeling. Instead, her echo comes back as "quack quack!", much to her (and the audience's) confusion.