Heartwarming / Little Bear


On a long-running Nick Jr. show about cute talking animals living a happy country life in the olden days, you can expect these moments to happen a lot.

  • Little Bear: Stop fooling! You're my Mother Bear, and I'm your Little Bear, and we're on earth, and you know it!
  • Little Bear thinks Mother Bear has forgotten his birthday. She surprises him with a cake that took longer than she expected to make and assures him she never forgot and never will.
  • Emily saying good-bye to Little Bear because she has to go to school in town. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
  • Mother Bear's friendship with the baby robin as a child. She offers to let the robin live with her when she can't find her nest and can't fly, and they grow up together. Later, the robin is depressed and Mother Bear tells her to go be with the other robins, even though it makes her sad. The robin tells her not to be, and that she'll visit every year. True to her word, she does, and even her descendants still visit Grandmother and Grandfather Bear's home.
  • Mother Bear's treasured maracas Father Bear brought her years ago seem to be lost, but it turns out Cat had them and brought them back, and the group has a dance/pirate party.
  • The whole winter solstice celebration is quite heartwarming in general. You and your friends hang up snacks on string on the trees for snow angels to eat when they come, you sing songs, play in the snow, enjoy a big meal together, everything most would want to do with their loved ones during the holidays.
    • Little Bear helping the "snow angel" deer get the last cookie before the little fawn returns to his family. He even stops for a glance at Little Bear before following them.