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Funny: Last Action Hero
  • 'Acme Dynamite'
  • The fact that the T-1000 and Catherine Trammell are seen strolling out of the police station.
  • "Could I speak to the drug dealer of the house, please?"
  • "I'll be back! Ha! You didn't know I was gonna say that, did you?"
  • The ''Hamlet'' trailer.
    Schwarzenhamlet: To be or not to be... Not to be. (KABOOM!)
  • "They [the attack dogs] are exceptionally well-trained." (Benedict snaps his fingers, and the dogs quickly form a canine pyramid.)
  • The scene in which Benedict kills Vivaldi.
    Vivaldi: First you're my friend! Then you do a... [swirls his finger in the water] 360 on me!"
    Benedict: (exasperated) 180, you stupid, spaghetti-slurping cretin, 180! If I did a 360, I'd go completely around and end up back where I started!
    Vivaldi: ...What?
    Benedict: Trust me! *shoots Vivaldi*
  • Danny realizing he's Wrong Genre Savvy when trying to play chicken with Benedict's car.
    "Shit! I'm the comedy sidekick!"

  • Also, Danny goes cross-eyed and moans as Slater's car is about to land on the Coca-Cola semi-truck.
    • The black van chasing them unsuccessfully tries to copy Slater's stunt, and explodes, the effects of which happen behind Slater as he assures Danny that he'll live to experience all the joys of young adulthood, such as acne and premature ejaculation, and his first divorce.
  • 'Iced that guy -- to cone a phrase.'
  • Benedict is stunned to find that you can steal a car in the real world without police sirens instantly sounding. So he goes to a garage, and shoots a mechanic. He then immediately checks his watch and starts counting, waiting for the sirens. He fires another shot, just in case:
    Benedict: Hello! I just killed a man and I did it on purpose!
    Benedict: I have just shot a man and I want to confess!
    Neighbor: Hey! Shut up down there!
    • And the part where Jack Slater is being held at gunpoint by Practice and Danny shows up with a gun of his own, giving him a speech about how he should have just shot Slater instead of talking.
    Danny: But no, you're the typical villain - dumb.
    Vivaldi: (cocks gun) You ain't no genius yourself, kid.
  • Two cops show up outside a supposed crackhouse
    1st cop: Are you sure this is the right address? This don't look like no crack house to me.
    2nd cop: What do you want? Sixty guys dancing on the lawn, throwing cocaine at each other? Just kick the door in.
  • When Slater walks into his apartment and shoots his closet twice. A dead assassin's corpse falls out.
    Danny: How'd you know there was a guy in there?
    Slater: There's always a guy in there. It costs me a fortune in closet doors.
    • Apparently this is supposed to be a gag that happens once per Jack Slater movie.
  • In the opening, a cop blocks Slater from entering the building where the Ripper is holed up.
    Slater: You want to be a farmer? Here's a couple of acres. [Executes a Groin Attack that launches the cop six feet in the air.]
  • Benedict has a subtle one. When Slater crashes the pickup truck through Benedict's front door, he gets a look on his face that screams, 'Again?'
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