Funny / Kofi Kingston

  • When he was trying to rally the divided team Raw against Smackdown and Triple H cut him short to complain about his lack of accent.
  • Kofi's reputation as the hardest man to eliminate during the Royal Rumble match, where something Crazy Awesome always happens to prevent his elimination.
    • 2012: Evaded elimination via a handstand. He even won a slammy award for it!
    • 2013: Used JBL's announcer's chair to bunny hop back to the ring.
    • 2014: Landed on Rusev, climbed on the barricade, and somehow managed to jump and land on the ring apron by the tip of his toes.
    • 2015: Was thrown out of the ring, only for some Rosebuds to catch him and help him back in.
    • 2016: Same as before but this time caught by Big E and was carried on E's shoulder around to the point where he managed to eat some popcorn during the match before he went back in!
  • Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, Fandango, and AJ Lee go bowling for charity. Hilarity Ensues.