YMMV / Kofi Kingston

  • Base-Breaking Character: Most people will agree he's an amazing athlete. But ask a group of people whether he deserves a shot at being a main-eventer, and you'll get differing opinions.
  • Ear Worm: His original entrance theme, SOS, is ridiculously catchy.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The fan campaigns to get WWE to hire Slyk Wagner Brown are. It was poorly kept secret that WWE wanted Jamaican wrestlers, which only fueled fans hopes.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: He's not a high flyer in the 'complicated lucha-libre style maneuver' sense (like Sin Cara, for instance), but he can jump halfway out of a stadium with his leaping ability. For example, in a match on the 10/15/12 RAW, Kofi goes a bit stiff with a Trouble in Paradise and, for poor Miz, almost brings a whole new meaning to "skull crushing finale."
    • Pretty much any time he's in a battle royal of the like he will find a way to avoid elimination. This includes:
    • Saving himself for elimination via hand walking at Royal Rumble 2012.
    • He has another Royal Rumble moment in 2013 where he ends up on the announce desk. He asks for JBL's chair and uses it to bunny hop his way back to the ring. Granted, he got eliminated a couple of seconds later, but you have to give him credit for pulling off another incredible spot.
    • He out did himself at the 2014 Rumble with a running leap from the security barricade to the ring apron, a distance of over seven feet, from a very narrow base. Then he survives being tossed over by Jack Swagger by hanging onto the bottom rope by the tip of his toes.
    • At Wrestlemania XXX's Andre the Giant Battle Royal, Cesaro hurls Kofi over a ringpost and he tumbles about ten feet—and his feet lands on the bottom rung of the steel steps and thus he avoids elimination.
    • At the 2018 Rumble, he's tossed over the top rope, one foot landing on the floor but the other on a fallen Woods. Big E then brings a plate of pancakes over to step on so technically, Kofi isn't eliminated. His New Day buddies then put their hands together for Kofi to rest a foot on and lit him over the top rope and back into the match.
  • Old Shame: his old "Jamaican character", if a backstage interview is to be believed.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Sections of the IWC wondered what it would look like if WWE ever turned him heel. He did in 2015, as part of The New Day. It turned out surprisingly well. Too well, in fact, as the popularity of the stable's antics quickly yanked them back to face status within a year.