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Funny: Kin-iro Mosaic
  • First episode: that flashback. "Japanese girls are so scaryyy!"
  • Episode four: Isami refuses to let Shino use the computer because she fears Shino would collect pictures of blonde girls like a stereotypical high school boy collects pornography.
  • Episode 5: Yoko is a convenience store. One pork bun, please!
  • Episode 6: Yukari manages to expand Shinobu's blonde fetish to blue hair as well.
    • The "golden Karen, golden Alice" (golden axe, silver axe) dream sequence. There's no way Shino could ever choose!
  • Episode 7: Shino, Alice and Aya struggling to jog in P.E. class while chanting "fuwa fuwa."
    • Alice and Yoko are eating lunch. Alice attempts to romantically feed Yoko after watching a girl feeding her boyfriend saying "Aah." When Aya tries it, it comes out as a demented, monotone "AAaa--AAaaa."
  • Episode 12: Shino's story.
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