Trivia / Kiniro Mosaic

  • Common Crossover:
    • Karen's sharing the same seiyuu (Nao Touyama) as Kantai Collection's Kongou is a common crossover—especially given Kongou is a personification of a British-made Imperial Japanese warship.
    • This series also has a common crossover with Is the Order a Rabbit?, as both series are Manga Time Kirara Slice of Life titles with similar character archetypes, Moe art designs, and European artistic influences, with Risa Taneda voiced a purple/bluish haired twintail character in both series. There have been two official artbook crossovers and a marketing crossover between the two series.
  • Fake Brit: Karen's Gratuitous English sounds more American than British. And it doesn't sound American at all.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The author mentioned in the first volume's dustflap that she originally wanted a New Transfer Student from a fantasy world rather than a foreign country. Which is a good news, as that concept is already somewhat of a dead horse.
    • The work's editor wrote in the art book that originally Shinobu was intended to be a boy who had a better grasp of English than she does.