Heartwarming: Kin-iro Mosaic

Since Kiniro Mosaic is that kind of series, every episode is as cute as a kitten. This page is for moments that are particularly touching.

  • First episode: "Hello!" "Arigatoooou!"
  • Episode four: Karen and Alice patching things up after Alice's jealousy of her two best friends Karen and Shinobu's closeness. Alice and Karen remember that they had decided as children that they would be best friends forever (or "forever best friends" as the case may be), and they shouldn't fight. Alice love love loves both Karen and Shinobu. Aya and Yoko look on from a doorway with peaceful smiles showing they are at least as moved by the scene as the viewer.
    • Aya's envy and relief when the letter in Yoko's shoe locker wasn't a love letter (it wasn't even meant for Yoko.)
  • Episode five: After joking about Yoko being a convenience store all day, Karen makes a pie chart showing that Yoko is "50% comedic retorts, 50% kindness." (Shinobu's pie chart of Yoko just had 100% comedic retorts.)
  • Episode 7: Shinobu scoring 91% on her English test; the English teacher crying tears of joy as a result.
    • It turns out Karen's classmates like her so much that they give her snacks every day.
  • Karen's attempts to befriend Kuzehashi-sensei, who wants to befriend her students but unintentionally comes off as intimidating. Despite an initially rocky start, Karen's efforts eventually bear fruit and help Kuzehashi become more approachable to the students.
  • The latter half of episode 7 of Hello! is this, which is devoted entirely to telling a bit of Alice and Karen's life back in England, and showcases just why the two are such close friends.
  • In episode 11 of Hello!, Honoka wonders what it would have been like had she befriended Karen earlier. Karen counters that it doesn't really matter, as Honoka is her best friend now, which counts more.
    • In the same episode, Alice giving Shino a hug, so she could have enough to last her the week that she will spend back in England.
    • Aya and Yoko deciding keep Shino company after they see how lonely she is without Alice around.