Funny / Kamen Rider Ryuki

  • Shinji in Blank Form in Episode 1. He manages to summon his new sword, goes charging at the monster like a badass...and gets flicked aside, his sword broken.
  • In Episode 2, Shinji smashes his head on the portal window he didn't go through.
  • In an early episode, Shinji exits his office, feeling good about the possibility that there may not be a monster involved with his story.
    Shinji: *Slams the brakes on his motorcycle and angrily turns around* I take that back!
  • In Episode: Final, after a ghost story-telling session at the teahouse, Grandma Sanako Kanzaki dresses up as a Nopperabou, scaring the bejeezus out of them...including Ren.
    • When Shinji meets Femme for the first time, she steals his wallet. But since all Shinji has is loose change, she decides to buy a drink. Once Shinji catches up with her, she says she didn't know and offers him the drink. Shinji believes it for about 5 seconds.
  • Episode 29 is absolutely priceless. Reiko has been kidnapped, and a lady is the suspect, so Shinji decides to investigate by pretending to be a salesman to get into her apartment. Once he enters... Kitaoka is already there with basically the same plan. Cue the doorbell ringing, and REN entering in exactly the same getup as Shinji. It gets even funnier when the two of them pretend to be selling random pieces they swiped from the café, and then smugly look at Kitaoka and ask what he's got... and he whips out his business card.
  • Episode 30. Kitaoka's former bodyguard Megumi is an absolute ditz, constantly misunderstanding everything and clumsily making life harder for everyone. The comedic potential is endless.
    • First off, there's her clumsiness being the cause of Shuuichi firing her, like an instance wherein she accidentally throws a plate into the air and splatters spaghetti on his face. This later ends up saving her life from a Mirror Monster when she accidentally splashes hot ramen on it.
    • Megumi shows why Kitaoka even considered her despite being horrible at domestics: She was a damn good bodyguard. When meeting with Gorou, he throws her high heel into the air and curbstomps five different mooks... Before the errant shoe lands on Gorou's head.
    • Then there's her date. When Kitaoka finds out she's dying from heat disease (Like him), he decides to date her. When he gets interrupted by a Mirror Monster, he does a hilarious transformation, posing with a silent henshin. And then, the clincher, Kitaoka went through all this bullshit to find out in the end that her heart disease was just a misunderstanding. When he finds out, he drops his cellphone in dumbfounded disbelief.
  • Episode 40. Ren, Kanzaki, Asakura and Toujou are fighting off a horde of Zelles that interrupted their brawl. From the side, Kitaoka notices all of them and decides to unleash his Final Vent to take them all out. He lampshades the fact that it's been a while since he's done his incredibly cool finisher... before a Zelle knocks him over the bridge and beside a very confused Ren.
    Kitaoka: *Slots in Final Vent* It's been a while since I've done my incredibly cool finisher- GAH!
    Ren: *Sees Kitaoka crash onto the streets, stares at him while a horde of zelles is attacking him* Kitaoka?
    Kitaoka: ... Yo.
  • In the 13 Riders Special, Shinji attempts to find an ally with any other Rider. At one point he's nearly run over by Itsuro Takamizawa's limo. Next thing he knows, he's dragged into a conference room by three very tough-looking employees of Takamizawa's. When Shinji tries to protest this treatment, the same three very scary men step in. Shinji wisely decides that discretion is the better part of valor here.
  • The Hyper Battle Video decides to throw all logic out the window. Shinji takes a visit to the Mirror World, and finds that Ren, Kitaoka and Asakura are already there. Except that, instead of killing each other, they happily greet Shinji and tell him that they're all allies of justice. Remember that Kitaoka is an Amoral Attorney, Asakura is a serial killer and Ren is... Ren. This is Harsher in Hindsight considering that It Was All A Dream and what happens to Shinji later in the series.