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Characters: Kamen Rider Ryuki
"Mirrors facing each other create an infinite number of worlds. There is more than one fate. The only thing that's the same is desire. All humans desire. That's why they fight. And when that desire becomes so great that it becomes unbearable, people... become Riders. The Rider battle... begins."
Shiro Kanzaki

Warning: this Characters page contains unmarked spoilers. Unless noted, this page deals with the TV Series continuity, not the Episode Final or 13 Riders continuities.

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Shinji Kido (Kamen Rider Ryuki)

"I finally made my decision... I want to close the Mirror World. That is my wish, as a Kamen Rider."

Shinji is an naive but energetic young reporter who goes about gathering information "as if he's at a festival, and going to every stall". He is a shining optimist who believes in the best in people, even finding something to admire in Asakura. He is a little slow and clumsy, and has a very simplistic way of thinking. His main flaw is that he wants everyone to be happy; when confronted with a situation where one person must lose for another person to gain, he struggles with the moral dilemma.

These qualities would make Shinji the worst kind of candidate for Kanzaki's Rider War, but Shinji's entry into the Rider War was a complete and utter accident. While investigating the home of Koichi Sakakibara (Kanzaki's original candidate) he discovers a blank Advent Deck and is stalked by the dragon monster Dragredder. Yui gives him a chance to live a normal life- to keep the Seal card that would protect him from the Mirror Monsters and give the Deck to her- but after discovering that the Mirror Monsters have been killing people in the real world, Shinji makes the decision to fight. It is an utterly selfless decision, and he only learns of the Rider War after he has been locked into it. But Shinji's resolve remains strong: he decides that he will not fight for the sake of the Rider War, only for the sake of others.

Shinji's presence in the Rider War- his innocence and determination- slowly soften the other Kamen Riders, the exact opposite of what Kanzaki wanted. To try and motivate Shinji to take a more active role in fighting, Kanzaki gives him one of the three Survive cards, but this only allows Shinji to overcome even more incredible odds.

Yet Shinji always struggles with the question of whether or not it is right to stop the Rider War: whether he has the right to impose his will on twelve others who are fighting for their own personal reasons, or whether they have the right to take twelve other lives in order to fulfill their wishes. Never does this conflict hit him harder than when he discovers that Yui will die, and that only the Prize from the Rider War will save her. He believes that no-one ever listens to him, yet the fact that by this point, no Rider will fight him willingly is proof of the positive effect he had.

Shinji eventually discovers his answer. But it is too late, as he takes a lethal stab wound while protecting a young girl during the Raydragoons' invasion of the real world. His last act is to pass on his courage and determination to Ren, so that his closest friend might survive the Rider War.

Tropes associated with Shinji/Ryuki:

  • Beware the Nice Ones
  • Breakable Weapons: Blank Form's Light Saber breaks without leaving a scratch on the Monster of the Week.
  • Cool Sword: Drag Saber, resembling Dragredder's tail.
  • Dragon Rider: While riding Dragranzer's bike form as Ryuki Survive.
  • Evolution Powerup: Has three forms. Blank (initial form), Ryuki (made contacted with Dragredder), and Ryuki Survive (powered-up by Survive card). Each form is vastly more powerful than the previous one.
  • Finishing Move
    • Dragon Rider Kick: Ryuki jumps and delivers a Rider Kick powered by Dragredder's flames.
    • Dragon Firestorm: Ryuki Survive rides Dragranzer, transformed into a motorcycle, which shoots fireballs at the enemy before ramming it.
    • Dragranzer Clash: Dragranzer blasts fireballs at the enemy before jumping up and clashes with the enemy with Ryuki Survive riding it. Replaced Dragon Firestorm in first two Kamen Rider Climax Heroes games.
  • The Heart
  • The Hero
  • Horrible Judge of Character
  • Idiot Hero
  • Incendiary Exponent: During his Final Vent.
  • Intrepid Reporter
  • Jack of All Stats: Ryuki has one of the most balanced decks among the riders, with two shields, a sword, and a projectile. His basic form is also this trope among the Evolution Powerup forms.
  • Joke Character: Blank Form, which barely keeps him alive until he contracts with Dragredder.
  • Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me: Drag Shield, which can be dual-wielded.
  • Naïve Newcomer
  • Playing with Fire: All of his special attacks are fire-based, given that his mon is a dragon.
  • Power Copying: How Strange Vent work in the series, it become the next advent card the opponent going to use. All There in the Manual states that it changes randomly, though. This brings up an interesting 'chicken or the egg' question: how does it "know" what the opponent will choose next? While presumably it is a wild card in The Merch's trading card game, the ability to gain the card your opponent is about to choose is pretty, well, strange within the context of a story. Of course, it could simply be the opponent fighting fire with fire.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to Ren's blue.
  • Reluctant Warrior: He'll fight Mirror Monsters, but is reluctant to fight Riders.
  • Second Rider - Inverted, as Ren debuted in the first episode.
  • Super Mode: Ryuki Survive.
  • Swiss-Army Weapon: Drag Visor-Zwei has folding blade on it (activated by Sword vent), and can be used as a marker for the Meteor Bullet attack.
  • Take Up My Sword: Happens to Shinji twice in 13 Riders, first with the original Ryuki, then with Ren after the Ryuki deck is destroyed by Odin.
  • Upgrade Artifact: Averted, in that his transformation to Ryuki still leaves him with beginner fighting abilities. He slowly improves his fighting technique as the series progresses.
  • Weapon of Choice: Like those of every Rider in this series, they're part of his contract monster, Dragredder.

Ren Akiyama (Kamen Rider Knight)

"Don't fight because you are angry or upset. Fight because you are a Kamen Rider."

Ren is the first Rider introduced, and appears at first to be the epitome of the kind of Rider that Kanzaki wanted in the Rider War: cold, determined and utterly focused on obtaining his wish. He used to be a drifter that would travel the country frequenting bars and getting into fights with people that annoyed him. The person who saved him from this dead-end life was a girl: Eri Ogawa.

His contract monster is the batlike Darkwing, the same Mirror Monster that attacked Eri and put her in a coma. Kanzaki appeared then and told Ren that if he won the Prize, he could use it to revive his love. And so Ren accepted the Advent Deck and fought.

He got close to Yui Kanzaki because she was useful to him, but that developed into a friendship. He started out as an adamant rival of Shinji, but despite all of Ren's efforts he soon warmed to the boy. Herein lies Ren's flaw: his tough guy persona is merely an act, and given time and reason he will naturally gravitate towards emotional attachment, and friendship. But this in turn led to disaster: Ren was convinced that the only way he could take another human's life- and thus win the Rider War- was to be as cold and emotionless as the mask he wore, and the longer he spent in the company of people like Yui and Shinji the harder it became to pretend. Thus, Shinji inadvertently became Ren's greatest rival, an obstacle that he had to overcome (and never did) to win.

He received one of the Survive Cards from Tezuka (who in turn received it from Kanzaki) because the former didn't want to use it. Kanzaki makes several attempts to manipulate Ren into continuing the fight- such as forcing Eri out of her coma for a brief instant to give him a glimpse of his reward- but these things only strengthen Ren's resolve to fight against the system.

Following the climax of the Rider War, Ren is the last Rider standing. He fought against Odin and won, if only because of Kanzaki's forfeit. He accepts the Prize and uses it to save Eri, perhaps dying from the injuries he sustained afterward.

Tropes associated with Ren/Knight:

Masashi Sudoh (Kamen Rider Scissors)

"Just trying to be as efficient as possible."

The first truly evil (and a Mauve Shirt) Kamen Rider to grace the entire franchise who wasn't a Red Shirt nor is redeemable like Shadow Moon.

Sudoh was a Corrupt Cop who was taking advantage of his position to carry out a variety of evil acts. After he killed his partner-in-crime for demanding a bigger share, Kanzaki appeared before him to give Sudoh an Advent Deck. It's not known what Sudoh would have chosen as his Prize (in fact it's not even hinted that Kanzaki even told him about it); to him, the greatest advantage of being a Rider was that he now had a perfect method of disposing of anyone who got in his way (by feeding them to his crablike contract monster Volcancer).

Shinji first meets Sudoh in battle as Kamen Rider Scissors, and despite Ren's warnings the naive Rider attempts to befriend Sudoh. Sudoh exploits this for all it's worth, gaining information that allows him to target Ren and Yui, culminating in his later attempt to murder Shinji himself.

After his cover is blown by Reiko's investigations, Sudoh duels Ren within the Mirror World. Sudoh's bad karma catches up to him when Ren shatters his Advent Deck: with the contract to his Monster broken, Volcancer goes wild and consumes Sudoh, body and soul.

  • Corrupt Cop
  • Finishing Move: Scissors Attack note 
  • Improbable Weapon User: Scissors Pincer, which is just one of Volcancer's claws.. Also his Scissor Visor, which is sort of a blend of shears and Blade Below the Shoulder.
  • Jerkass: When he reveals his true colors.
  • Joke Character: Has the worst deck among the riders. Advent and Final vent aside, all he has are a Strike Vent (which is kind of an awkward weapon to use) and a Guard Vent, no special cards whatsoever like Raia's Copy or Gai's Confine; on top of that, his cards have very low AP
    • In terms of the series, though, he was less Joke Character and more Starter Villain—the inexperienced Shinji wouldn't have stood a chance against the heaviest hitters in the Rider War early on, and really had his hands full with this first "real" enemy.
    • Despite being a Starter Villain, he was actually winning his fight with Ren before his Advent Deck is broken.
  • Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me: Shell Defense, shield that resembles Volcancer's back armor.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Gets killed off in the two-episode arc that introduces him. Even Imperer lasted longer than him!
  • Weapon of Choice: Like those of every Rider in this series, they're part of his contract monster, Volcancer.

Shuichi Kitaoka (Kamen Rider Zolda)

"I can do whatever I want, for however long I want. Is there no greater prize?"

A self-proclaimed "Super Lawyer", Kitaoka prides himself on being able to get the Innocent verdict every single time even if the person or company he is defending is clearly guilty. This reputation led to him acquiring the nickname of "The Black-Or-White Lawyer" and a lot of enemies in some very nasty places. But Kitaoka doesn't do it for the morals or even the money: he does it because he can, because he loves knowing that he is the best. And he will refuse cases which even he sees as impossible (such as Asakura), preserving his own pristine court record.

Despite his smugness and success at life, Kitaoka has a nasty secret: he has terminal cancer. Instead of going into treatment in order to delay the inevitable, Kitaoka chose to live his life as normally as possible and hide his cancer from everyone except his manservant Gorou. He is also Kamen Rider Zolda, and his wish is simple: immortality, to survive his cancer and "do whatever I want, for however long I want".

During the early stages of the Rider War, he comes off as an incredible dick. He fakes Zolda's death in order to break Shinji's morale and force the boy to quit the War. He saw his act as just another way of fighting the War; he may have felt guilty had he known that it pushed Shinji to the brink of suicide. As the Rider War progresses and he becomes closer to the other participants- especially Shinji- he comes to terms with his mortality and loses his desire to win. As he puts it, "I've already lived a pretty awesome life."

At one point he develops a crush on Reiko and pursues her for the rest of the series, sending her presents and dropping cheesy pick-up lines that the fiercely independent Reiko rejects every time. He also makes an enemy of Asakura by refusing to represent him in court because of his certain guilt, but mostly because he doesn't like him.

At the climax of the Rider War, he finally gets Reiko to go on a date with him. But feeling responsible for Asakura's transformation into a Rider and subsequent reign of terror, he is determined to finish things with his arch-rival first. He does neither, for the cancer that had been stalking Kitaoka for so long finally cripples his body, and he dies peacefully in his home.

Tropes associated with Kitaoka/Zolda:

  • A Load of Bull: Magnugiga, and outside of Dragedder and Venosnaker, it's the largest Mirror Beast, so much that the prop is to big to use in fights, so all it does it take part in his Final Vent.
  • Amoral Attorney
  • Arch-Enemy: To Asakura.
  • * BFG: Giga Launcher, a huge cannon that's formed from Magnugiga's arms. It's comparable in size to an actual artillery gun of some sort, and is nearly twice Zolda's height!
  • The Charmer
  • Combat Pragmatist: He rarely takes part in direct fights, and one of his preferred methods is sneak up a on fight in progress and try to kill the combatants with his Final Vent.
  • Dangerously Genre Savvy: His trick where he fakes Zolda's death, it nearly broke Shinji's will before he found Gorou (whom he thought was Zolda at the time) turns out to be alive. Later in the series he manages to nearly remove Asakura from the fight by playing the coward and luring into a squad of police officers, whom on his instructions, take Asakura's Advent Deck, and when transporting him cover all the windows in the truck near him. The only reason Asakura escaped was because he kept a Contract Card under his shirt and the tore off the paper covering the windows.
  • Finishing Move: End Of World note 
  • Graceful Loser: When cornered and about to be beaten up, Kitaoka's last tactic is to drop to his knees and beg for mercy.
  • The Gunslinger: His visor is a handgun, his deck has two long range weapons, and his contact monster is loaded with large number of missiles, cannon and beam gun.
  • Handguns: Magnu Visor, a handgun with very impressive rate of fire. Like Ren, this gives him the advantage of having a weapon even before using any cards.
  • The Hedonist: His reason for wanting to live forever? So he has more time to enjoy life.
  • Immortality Immorality
  • Immortality Seeker
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me: Giga Armor and Giga Tector. The latter is never used in the series and the former is very, very rarely seen.
  • Multi-Ranged Master
  • Pet the Dog: Since he's terminally ill, he has a soft spot for people in similar conditions, doing things such as pay for the operation to save the life of a young girl's mother and going a date with an old girlfriend of his that he thought was terminally ill, though the latter turned out to be a miss-diagnosis.
  • Power Fist: Giga Horn, resembling Magnu Giga's head. Never used in the series.
  • Shoulder Cannon: Giga Cannon, a double beam cannon that resembles Magnu Giga's legs.
  • Soap Opera Disease: He starts showing symptoms towards the end of the series, as they become more severe.
  • Smug Snake
  • Took a Level in Kindness: He becomes less antagonistic to Ren and Shinji as the series progresses. During the early episodes of his screentime, he tries to find ways to kill both of them, but this fades away after a while. He eventually gets a sort of working relationship with them. Near the end of the series, he indirectly shows he cares a little bit for Shinji.
  • Weapon of Choice: Like those of every Rider in this series, they're part of his contract monster, Magnugiga. Notably, some of them (i.e. the shields and Power Fist) don't mesh with his ranged-combat style.

Jun Shibaura (Kamen Rider Gai)

"You were supposed to make my game more fun..."

The spoiled son of a rich businessman, Jun had the money, intelligence and free time to treat life as a game. His first act in the series was to create a computer game that sent subliminal messages to the player, stimulating their base fighting instincts and urging them to recreate the battle royale of the game in real life. He intended to distribute the program to every one of ORE Journal's subscribers, creating a city-wide orgy of violence. To Jun, this was just a way of making his life more fun.

He presumably joined the Rider War because he saw it as the ultimate game; his intended Prize for winning was unknown. His Contract Monster, the powerfulMetalgelas, compensated for Jun's natural lack of strength and fighting experience and put him on equal ground with the other Riders. Perceptive and manipulative, Jun noticed Ren's hesitancy to deliver the fatal blow and exploited that weakness for all it was worth. He was also the first to discover the civilian identities of all the other Riders, a fact that filled him with glee.

When Asakura became a Rider, Jun was happy to fill the new guy in on some of the rules and point him in the direction that would cause maximum conflict. Though Jun probably acknowledged that Asakura was dangerous, he simply saw him as another wild card that would make the Rider War even more interesting for himself. Perhaps he even thought he could manipulate the madman. He never expected that Asakura would use him as a human shield against Zolda's End Of World attack, and turn on him without a moment of hesitation or gratitude.

  • Anti-Magic: Confine Vent. When played just after another Rider plays a card, this will cancel the effect (de-summoning a mon or causing a weapon to disappear).
  • Asshole Victim
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: As noted above, he helps Asakura get acclimated to the Rider war, likely for the purpose of using him. It doesn't exactly pan out.
  • Finishing Move: Heavy Pressure note 
  • Jerk Ass
  • Power Fist: Metal Horn, resembling Metalgelas's head.
  • Spoiled Brat
  • Weapon of Choice: Like those of every Rider in this series, it's part of his contract monster, Metalgelas.

Miyuki Tezuka (Kamen Rider Raia)

"My predictions are never wrong."

Tezuka is a young fortune teller who plays his trade on the streets, and boasts that his prophecies are always correct. Due to this, he believes that destiny is predetermined and cannot be changed. Tezuka is also the only other Rider aside from Shinji who is against the Rider War, and works to stop the in-fighting between the Riders. Due to this, he becomes fast allies with Shinji.

Tezuka's opposition to the Rider War becomes clear when it is discovered that he was never intended to be a Rider in the first place: instead, a good friend of his- Yuichi Saito- was chosen, but refused to participate and was devoured by the Mirror Monster Guldthunder. Taking his Card Deck, Tezuka contracted Evildiver and vowed to avenge his friend.

Because Tezuka refused to participate in the Rider War, he was a hindrance to Kanzaki. At first, Kanzaki attempted to motivate Tezuka by giving him a major advantage: the first of the three Survive Cards. Tezuka didn't even consider using it, instead giving the card to Ren. In retaliation, Kanzaki ordered Guldthunder to attack Tezuka, successfully triggering a berserk rage in the young man towards his friend's killer. However, after defeating the Monster Tezuka returned to normal.

He and Shinji always clashed on the question of whether or not it's possible to change your own fate. When Tezuka predicted that Ryuki would be the next Rider to die, he panicked and lied to Shinji by telling him that Raia was the fated one. Later, when Ryuki and Ouja fought, Tezuka pushed Shinji out of the way of a lethal Final Vent and took the blow himself. He had changed his own fate, but ironically fulfilled a false prophecy at the same time.

Shinji manages to drag Tezuka into the real world before he dies, sparing him the fate of dissolving in the Mirror World. In his dying moments, Tezuka seems to realize that Yui is the key to everything, yet is unable to communicate this to Shinji before he dies.

Tropes associated with Tezuka/Raia:

Takeshi Asakura (Kamen Rider Ouja)

"Being a Rider is fun."

Asakura is not a hero. Nor is he an Anti-Hero. Nor is he misunderstood. He is a psychopath, plain and simple.

He is drawn to violence, feeling an unbearable tension that can only be eased through fighting. When confined in a jail cell, he becomes so frustrated that he begins banging his head on the wall until he draws blood. Yet he is not mindless; he is capable of intelligent manipulation and does not make stupid decisions. Kanzaki could not have picked a better Rider; an assessment that is immediately proven when Asakura kills Gai in his first battle as Ouja.

Kitaoka is initially assigned to defend Asakura in court, but the "super lawyer" takes a dislike to his client and smugly tells him that there's nothing he can do. This ignites a rivalry that lasts for the entire series.

Asakura racks up the highest body count of all the Riders, killing Gai, Raia, Imperer and Zolda. When the monsters of Gai and Raia come to exact revenge for the death of their masters, Asakura binds them to his will instead, making him the only Rider with three Contract Monsters and gaining access to all of Gai and Raia's powers. Furthermore, he can use Unite Vent to fuse them into one, creating Genocider, the second most powerful Monster in the series. The disadvantage is that he now has three monsters to feed, something that nearly leads to his death when he starves his monsters and they threaten to devour him.

At the climax of the Rider War, the Japanese police force are given orders to shoot Asakura on sight. But Asakura will not surrender, not until he has killed Kitaoka in battle. And so he faces Zolda in battle, and finally lands the killing blow he had been waiting so long for... only to find out that Gorou had taken Kitaoka's place as Zolda. Asakura could not comprehend it: why he had been robbed of something he had waited so long for and wanted so badly, and why Gorou had selflessly taken Kitaoka's place. Overcome with frustration and rage, he makes a suicide run at the police and is shot down like a dog.

Tropes associated with Asakura/Ouja:

  • Arch-Enemy: To Kitaoka.
  • A Sinister Clue
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Having contracted with three Mirror Monsters (his original Venosnaker, then Metalgelas and Evildiver taken after killing their Riders), he gains at least some cards from their decks (their associated Final Vents and weapons; he's never shown using Raia's Copy or Gai's Confine), allowing him three different finishing moves AND the ability to fuse them into Genocider. However, it means he has three times as many mons to feed, which is a problem for him when he doesn't feed them for a while.
  • Big Bad Wanabee: The most active, in terms of directly fighting the protagonists, villain the series, and typically is the biggest threat to them unless Odin shows up. In most series with a There Can Be Only One format, he'd likely have been the Big Bad, but Kanzaki using Odin means he never had a chance of winning the Rider War and in the end is largely Kanzaki's pawn.
  • Blood Knight: The wish he'll have granted if he wins? To restart it all so he can keep on fighting. He didn't even know about that part of the battle for most of the series, Kanzaki's promise of fighting was all it took to draw him in
    • In one fight with Shinji and Ren, he even gets so lost in the thrill of it that he nearly stays in the Mirror World past the time it's safe for him and nearly dies.
  • Consummate Liar: Surprisingly, he managed to spin a convincing lie about trying to save his younger brother during the fire that burned their house down.
  • Cool Sword: Veno Saber, resembling Venosnaker's tail. Also the most balance melee weapon among his Weapon of Choice.
  • Crazy-Prepared: When caught in a trap by Kitaoka that got his deck stolen, he kept the Contract Card for Megalgelas underneath his shirt, have apparently guess Kitaoka might have been trying to trick him.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Hinted at when he killed his younger brother, as he had difficulty understanding why anybody cared that he did it in the first place.
  • Evil Is Petty: Naturally given his temper.
  • Evil Is Stylish: It's no fun for him to kill an opponent outside of a rider battle, so even though he gets fair of number of chances to, he never does so. Non-riders, however...
  • Evil Is Bigger: His first Mirror Beast Venosnaker is among the largest to appear in the main series, a little bigger than Dragredder.
  • Evolution Powerup: The only non main Rider of the series with more then one form.
  • Finishing Move: Has two of his own, plus Gai and Raia's after taking their Contract Monsters.
    • Veno Crash: Venosnaker launches Ouja at the foe with a spray of venom as he does a bicycle kick.
    • Doomsday: Ouja corkscrew kicks a foe into a vortex that opens within Genocider.
  • Fusion Dance: His Unite Vent.
  • Hero Killer
  • Irony: Despite being very willing to kill, and having the biggest kill count among the Riders, if he deliberately targets someone, he never manages to kill them. This is made the most apparent with Kitaoka.
  • Jerkass
  • Joke Character: Blank Form, seen only once in Episode Final after Genocider is killed.
  • Kick the Dog: Killing his bother.
  • Knight of Cerebus: The Rider War wasn't exactly puppies and sunshine, but before Asakura came on the scene, only one Rider—a clearly evil one, at that—had died, and the current five at that time weren't doing all that good a job at the whole killing each other thing. That changed once he became Ouja, and he's responsible for the bulk of the dead Riders.
  • Magikarp Power: His deck. Advent and Final Vent aside (the latter of which did succeed in killing whatever target he hit it with), it started with just a Sword Vent and nothing else. However, it is the only deck that has spare Contract Vents. By the end, he has three melee cards and three mons, which can be fused into the formidable Genocider.
  • Pet the Dog: He gets one moment: when he stays with a young girl (who viewed him as her saviour) until her recovery even when he no longer needed to.
    • Subverted since he only stayed near her because she was targeted by a trio of Mirror Beasts and he was hoping to kill them when they showed up. When a hungry Venosnaker hits her trying to attack him, he doesn't even flinch.
  • Power Fist: Metal Horn, after Ouja becomes contracted to Metalgelas. Stronger but shorter than his Veno Saber.
  • Self-Made Orphan: He burned down his own house as a child trying to kill his younger brother.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: He is VERY prone to violent outbursts against anyone that even slightly annoys him, and if there's nothing around he'll just beat on whatever random object is near by even if involves beating his head on a concrete wall or punching glass.
  • Up to Eleven: The What If? scenario of SIC Hero Saga not only gives him Survive Form, but also upgrades the Genocider into Genosurviver, formed by combining every contract monster into one.
  • Villainous Breakdown: When he kills his archenemy Kitoaka / Zolda, he discovers that it wasn't Kitoaka wearing the suit and the real Kitoaka died peacefully at home during the fight. This pretty much results in him allowing himself to be gunned down by the police.
  • Weapon of Choice: Like those of every Rider in this series, they're part of his contract monsters.
  • Whip It Good: Evil Whip, after Ouja becomes contracted to Evildiver. The weakest of his Weapon of Choice, but has the longest range.

Satoru Toujou (Kamen Rider Tiger)

"You're an important person to me. If I sacrifice you, maybe I'll become stronger."

Satoru Toujou might have just been another one of many 25 year old men had Kanzaki not selected him to become a Kamen Rider. Unknown to Satoru, the day he made the choice to accept Kanzaki's offer was the day his life—-as well as the lives of those closest to him—-would be forever ruined.

A man of subdued character, Satoru is arguably no less deranged than the likes of Asakura, possessing a sociopathic mentality that forces him into single-mindedly pursuing one goal: becoming a hero. He confesses to Sano at one point that he has never had many friends, and that he believes that if he becomes a hero, people will like him.

As a student of Semeiin University, Satoru had become very close to one Professor Kagawa, who took the young man under his wing and was probably the closest thing Satoru had to a father figure. It was perhaps little surprise that Satoru initially chose to side with his mentor in their quest to destroy the Mirror World. Kagawa impressed upon the young man his utilitarianist philosophy that a hero was someone who has the courage to sacrifice one person- even those closest to them- to save ten.

Alas, Kagawa's mantra had an unintended effect: Satoru reasoned that Kagawa's philosophy would work in reverse, and that by sacrificing those closest to him he would achieve his dream of becoming a hero. This conclusion was only reaffirmed by Kanzaki's Rider War: all of his closest friends were Riders, and if Satoru was the last to remain then he could use The Prize to become a hero. And so when Kagawa let down his guard, Satoru attacked, shedding tears as he killed the most important man in his life.

Perhaps his most vile act, however, occured after the professor's murder. After a bad run-in with Asakura, Satoru was rescued by Sano Mitsuru AKA Kamen Rider Imperer, who had previously allied with both Satoru and Professor Kagawa. Providing a safe haven for Satoru, Sano asked if they were friends, a statement which the former confirmed claiming that besides Professor Kagawa, Sano had been the only person who'd been kind to him. Later that day, Satoru betrayed Sano, stabbing the latter in the torso and leaving him for dead, cementing the insane Rider's villainy.

He would only grow more unbalanced as the days passed, cultimating in an attempt to eliminate all the Riders at once. While his attempt failed, Satoru was convinced he'd succeeded cackling as he made his escape. Yet, the words of his former idol haunted him, and from across the street, Satoru witnessed a man and his son, rekindling in Satoru the memory of his deceased teacher and his own child. As a truck careened into the family, Satoru- unthinkingly- ran to push them out of the way, sacrificing himself for their sakes.

As he lay dying, Satoru yet found himself wracked by his inability to attain his wish, never knowing that his final act had made him that which he'd desired to be all along: a Hero. As he finally closed his eyes, the tragic story of a man consumed by his own hubris came to a silent conclusion.

Tropes associated with Toujou/Tiger:

Mitsuru Sano (Kamen Rider Imperer)

"I just wanted to be happy."

There was once a young man who was disowned by his father. The father was a wealthy businessman and only wanted his son to go through the steps of a self-made man to insure that he would be a suitable and competent successor.

Things did not quite go the way he planned.

Mitsuru Sano is first seen working in a parking lot, pandering to the egos of men like his father to earn the odd tip, spending his free hours reminiscing for the life he once had. Chosen to become a Kamen Rider by Kanzaki, Sano contracted with the weak but massive herd of Gigazelle Mirror Monsters, becoming Kamen Rider Imperer. Like the Gigazelles under his command, Sano needed a herd of his own and began looking to ally himself with other Kamen Riders...for a price. Eventually, Sano decided to team up with Kagawa and Toujou to kill Yui, though that decision lead to nowhere when the latter betrayed and killed his mentor.

Once again alone, Sano found himself without allies though a ray of hope was just around the corner. It was soon after Sano took an injured Toujou back to his home and nursed his former comrade when he received a call; his father had died and left the company in his hands. With his new status, Sano also came to know a lovely girl by the name of Yuri. What's more, Sano had come to develop a friendship with Toujou, a sentiment which the other man seemed to share. At last, Sano had what he always wanted: Happiness.

But because he finally had what he wanted, there was no longer any reason for him to fight as a Kamen Rider. Unfortunately for Sano, the Rider War didn't work that way. A stern threat from Kanzaki and the leering, hungry glares of his Contracted Monsters was all that was needed for Sano to realize that the only way to survive was to win the War. Teaming up with Toujo, Sano attacked Shinji/Ryuki...until suddenly being betrayed by the man he had believed was his friend.

Mortally wounded, Sano attempted to escape the battlefield but ended up instead in Kamen Rider Ouja's line of sight. Ouja dealt the fatal blow, shattering Sano's deck and leaving the man to dissolve in the Mirror World. His last moments were in the rain, screaming for help, gazing sadly into his world as his body was slowly eaten away.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Yuri waited for Sano to return...

Tropes associated with Sano/Imperer:

  • The Beastmaster
  • Finishing Move: Drive Divider note 
  • Nice Guy: While he's fickle with his choice of allies, he's not a bad guy and will try to help the people he cares about.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: He saved Toujou and took care of him even though when he started doing so he was still struggling to support himself, and it landed him with an ally that turned on him beat to the point where he was an easy kill for Asakura.
  • This Is a Drill: Gazelle Stab, which is a sort of Power Fist with two long spiral horns.
  • Weapon of Choice: Like those of every Rider in this series, they're part of his contract monster, Gigazelle.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: In the cruelest way possible. He actually gets what he wants without having to kill anyone, and would have dropped out of the Rider War and been no trouble... Then Kanzaki forced him to keep fighting, and it got him killed not long after.
  • Zerg Rush: On the surface, his deck isn't very impressive, with only a rather awkward melee weapon and a mediocre mon, Gigazelle. However, Gigazelle itself is the leader of a herd of other Zelle monsters, which allows him to use Zerg Rush tactics with them.

Miho Kirishima (Kamen Rider Femme) (Episode Final)

The first female Kamen Rider of the series, although it would not be until Kamen Rider Hibiki before a TV Female Rider appeared.

A con-artist who seduced men for money, she joined the war for the same reason as Ren: to save the life of a loved one. For her it was her sister, whose body is preserved in a state of "cryogenic stasis" after being killed by Asakura.

She meets Shinji after running from a man she tried to swindle, and the two develop an awkward romantic relationship. Though they often argued with each other (primarily over the Rider War and her loose sense of morality), her small kindnesses and flirtations served to confuse Shinji as he tried to figure out her character, complicated by her attempt to pickpocket his Advent Deck.

As Femme, she is able to hold her own against Mirror Monsters but is outmatched in combat ability against other Riders. After Kanzaki imposes a three-day time limit to the Rider War, she attempts to kill Asakura and avenge her sister, but finds herself helplessly outmatched. She is almost killed when she is saved by the dark Ryuga, whom she mistakes for Ryuki in the dim light.

The next day she takes Shinji out to dinner as thanks, something that confuses him even further. However, their date is cut short when Ryuga emerges from the Mirror World to attack her. They transform to battle in the Mirror World, and she is mortally wounded by Ryuga's overwhelming power, only saved from total annihilation by the real Ryuki. They return to the real world and Shinji walks her home, leaving with assurances from Miho that her injuries are not as severe as he suspected. However, after he leaves she collapses to the pavement and dies, her body ignored by the thousands of pedestrians who walked the streets the next day.

Tropes associated with Miho/Femme:

Itsurou Takamizawa (Kamen Rider Verde) (13 Riders)

"Every human being is a Rider."

The thirty-eight year old head of the Takamizawa Group, Takamizawa is a rich and respected businessman who keeps his true megalomania hidden to all but the other Kamen Riders. He saw the Rider War as an allegory for human society: individuals struggling to make their dreams come true at the expense of others. His reason for joining the Rider War is simple: power. If he won, he would use the Prize to rule the world. His Contract Monster, the chameleon Monster Biogreeza, grants him numerous powers of deception which he uses to ruthless effect in the 13 Riders special.

A charismatic man, he convinces Kitoaka and Shibaura to team up with him against the naive Shinji, whose attempts to stop the Rider War he viewed as a threat to his plans. Though he kills Raia (by tricking him into lowering his guard) and mortally wounds Ren, he is unable to defend himself against Ren's last Final Vent attack and dies.

Kamen Rider Ryuga (Episode Final)

"I am no longer an illusion in the mirror! I exist! As the strongest Kamen Rider."

Ryuga is the Mirror World Rider, born when a young Yui Kanzaki wished for a playmate in the Mirror World and created it in the image of the mystery boy that she had befriended: Shinji Kido. Where Shinji is kind and compassionate, Ryuga is cruel, manipulative and utterly merciless. His Rider self is a soulless reflection of Ryuki, as is his contract Monster Dragblacker.

As a denizen of the Mirror World, Ryuga followed the opposite rules from regular Riders: he could pass into the real world for a time, but after a while he would begin to dissolve and had to return. He wished to absorb Shinji to eliminate this weakness and become a real person, not simply an illusion in the mirror. He has no need for a reflective surface to summon his V-Buckle, as he himself is a living conduit to the Mirror World's energies.

He kills Ouja and Femme, and succeeds in absorbing Shinji by convincing the poor boy that it was what Yui wanted. He would have killed Knight, if not for Shinji realizing the truth and rejecting Ryuga. This forces a final confrontation where their Final Vents clash. Ryuga is the loser in this fight: even if they were equals once, Shinji's rediscovered resolve was too much for Ryuga to handle.

Tropes associated with Ryuga:

Kamen Rider Odin

"It is none of your concern. Continue to fight. Only the final Rider may face me."

The thirteenth Rider, one who was only supposed to be fought by the Rider who defeated the other eleven. As Kanzaki's personal trump card, Odin was ludicrously overpowered to the point of outright cheating: he was so fast no-one could touch him, could steal other Riders' equipment via Steal Vent, possessed the third Survive card (with a power rating of Infinity!, though he never even had to use it) and had the most powerful Mirror Monster Goldphoenix contracted to him. Odin's responsibilities are two-fold: to protect Yui Kanzaki, and to defeat the final Rider and win the Prize on behalf of Kanzaki.

His most important ability is the Time Vent card, which rewinds the Rider War back to the start and erases the memories of all involved. Kanzaki would use this ability over and over again, each time making a change in order to edge closer to the conclusion that he wanted. Only Shinji has a resistance to the memory-erasure, as he was never one of Kanzaki's chosen Riders.

Despite the Foreshadowing to the contrary, Odin is not Kanzaki. Odin is an anonymous person that Kanzaki gave the Odin Advent Deck to. But unlike other Advent Decks, the Odin Deck erases the identity of the person who uses it, leaving only Kanzaki's puppet and stand-in who can interact with the real world in ways that Kanzaki- as a being of the Mirror World- cannot. This made him even more an unfair edge for Kanzaki, because if Odin was killed he could replace him. During the course of the series, Kanzaki goes through at least three Odins: the first is killed by Knight in order to motivate Ren into killing the rest of the Riders; the second dies at the hands of Knight and Ryuki when Odin attempts to stop them; the third confronts Knight at the climax of the Rider War but is killed by Kanzaki himself, after the latter realizes the futility of the War.

Tropes associated with Odin:


Hideyuki Kagawa (Alternative Zero)

"To sacrifice one life in order to save ten: that is the meaning of a true hero."

Once a mentor to Shirou Kanzaki, Kagawa accidentally glimpsed notes made by his student concerning the Mirror World and due to his Photographic Memory, was able to recall every detail of Kanzaki's plans. When his student, Satoru Toujou became Kamen Rider Tiger, Kagawa enlisted the young man and one of Kanzaki's former colleagues, Hajime Nakamura, to close the Mirror World, on the pretense that it was the heroic thing to do. Living by the mantra 'One Life To Save Ten', Kagawa attempted to assassinate Yui to render Kanzaki's plans redundant but would find the likes of Shinji and Ren a constant thorn in his side.

Eventually, when at a hair's breadth away from fulfilling his mission, Kagawa was betrayed and killed by Toujou, his body dissolving from the arms of his treacherous student.

Tropes associated with Kagawa:

Hajime Nakamura (Alternative)

A former colleague of Shirou Kanzaki at the Ejima Lab. He was away when Kanzaki conducted his experiments, thus he became the only survivor from the lab's staff. Although Yui and Reiko each ask him about his involvement, he vehemently refuses to answer them. Later, he is discovered to have teamed up with Hideyuki Kagawa and Satoru Toujou, seeking to close Mirror World by killing Yui. After Shinji thwarts his attempts, he is ambushed by Toujou, showing that the latter would not be afraid to betray his allies to fulfill his twisted morals.

Tropes associated with Nakamura:

  • Revenge: His motivation for joining forces with Kagawa.
  • Weapon of Choice: As his Alternative deck has little to no differences with Alternative Zero's, he uses similar weaponry.


Shirou Kanzaki


The Big Bad and mastermind behind the Rider War. Kanzaki is the creator of the Advent Decks, chooses who to give them to and subconsciously encourages the wielders to fight. He is a psuedo-being of the Mirror World, living in the Mirror World and able to travel through reflections but unable to tangibly interact with the real world in the way that Mirror Monsters can. He can also control the Mirror Monsters, sending them to fight specific Riders and provoking conflict. He promises to offer power great enough to grant a single wish to the last remaining Rider: this is a half-truth, as his plan is to have Odin kill the last Rider and take the power for himself.

For the majority of the series, Kanzaki's motives are wrapped in mystery. But despite his inhuman demeanour and powers, his motives are far too human: to save the life of his sister Yui. For it was his decision as a child- an all-too-human decision- that led to the Mirror World Yui replacing the life of his dead sister; a decision he made because he could not stand to lose the one thing in his life that brought him hope. And when he was forcefully separated from her, taken to America by relatives, he screamed and pleaded not to go.

From that point on he dedicated his existence to finding a way to save her. He studied the Mirror World, discovering how to harness its power and extend Yui's life. He even discovered how to use it to manipulative time itself, and became a being of the Mirror World.

But Kanzaki couldn't get the outcome he wanted. After every failure, he would rewind time and do things differently, making small changes in the hope that it would edge him closer to his desired outcome. But no matter how many times he ran the Rider War, no matter how many advantages he gave himself or how many changes he made, he could never do it. And there were some things that he couldn't change at all: Shinji always became a Rider, and would always be an unwanted presence in Kanzaki's plan. And Yui, upon finding out the purpose of the Rider War, would always reject the new life he had worked so hard to give her.

It is unknown how many times Kanzaki rewound time, changed history and ran the Rider War. But distortions were beginning to appear in time itself. For example, there were records showing that Kanzaki had died in America at the same time he was studying in Japan. In the end, he finally accepts the bitter truth: that Yui would never accept the new life, that all his efforts were misguided. So once again he rewinds time to the moment of Yui's death, but this time he enters the Mirror World to be alongside her Mirror World self forever. Yui is never reborn, the Mirror World remains closed, and the Rider War never occurs in the first place.

Tropes associated with Kanzaki:

  • Evil Sounds Deep
  • Badass Longcoat
  • Berserk Button: Threatening Yui.
  • Big Bad
    • Non-Action Big Bad: Since he's dead, he relies on sending Mirror Monsters and Odin to do his dirty work.
  • The Chessmaster
  • Dead All Along
  • Freak Out: After Yui kills herself in The Movie, Shiro has a freakout so huge, it breaks the barriers between the real world and the Mirror World, shattering glass for seemingly miles around.
  • Invincible Villain: Even the Rider War doesn't go entirely the way he wants it to, there is NOTHING that any of the riders can do against him. He's a ghost, so they can't attack him, he controls the single most powerful Rider, so they even try they're almost certainly going to fail. It isn't until the finale where it's even hinted that things won't go the way he planned them.
  • Love Makes You Evil
  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Our Ghosts Are Different
  • Reset Button: Time Vent, via Odin, which resets the whole Rider War. He's willing to use this for many reasons, ranging from Yui dying to a vase of water accidentally spilling and ruining one of Yui's childhood paintings.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Constantly doing this. He'll appear, briefly speak to a Rider, and leave without a trace.
  • The Stoic
  • The Unfettered
  • Villainous Breakdown - Fantastically achieved in the last two episodes when Yui dies. When his voice loses the echo effect it almost always has, you know he's reached his breaking point.
  • Yandere: A very extreme one. He ignores most of Yui's please to stop the Rider War, justifying his actions saying she doesn't understand the pain she go through in her death, and he's not entirely making that up, but even when she opposes him despite that it still takes him time to come to his senses.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Very extreme, he lets the Mirror Beasts run wild and kill innocent people by the masses and manipulate the lives of everybody involved in the Rider War.

Yui Kanzaki


As a young girl, Yui Kanzaki was cursed with the power to see the Mirror World and its monstrous residents; an ability which made her the victim of merciless taunts by skeptical schoolmates. Added to that an abusive family-life and it was little wonder that Yui gravitated so closely to her brother, Shiro. Together, they formed the foundations of the Mirror World, creating the Mirror Monsters to act as their guardians but then...Yui died.

Unable to accept her death, Shiro made a deal with Yui's Mirror World self to resurrect her, although she would disappear forever on the day of her 20th birthday. The resulting breach in realities as the Mirror World-Yui merged with the real Yui caused a fire in the Kanzaki mansion, killing both their parents. Yui was adopted by her grandmother Sanako while Shiro was taken in by a different set of relatives and sent to America.

For years, Yui lived ignorant of her death and would likely have remained so if not for the Rider War. Refusing to believe that her brother would be so cruel as to set twelve individuals against each other, she begged for answers from her now estranged brother. Eventually, realizing the truth as her body slowly began to crumble away, Yui made a final desperate plea for Shiro to stop the Rider War.

She would succeed, as on the verge of allowing Kamen Rider Odin to become the final Rider, Shiro finally had a change of heart and destroyed his own minion. Shiro then reversed time and allowed himself to die alongside Yui, entering the Mirror World with her alongside their Mirror World selves to live the rest of eternity in peace.

Tropes associated with Yui:

Gorou Yura

"You...have a good whistle."

Gorou is the manservant of Shuichi Kitaoka, and utterly devoted to the man. He's a talented cook and martial artist, and for a brief moment it was hinted that he was Zolda. He also has an odd habit of whistling, and admires anyone who has an equally good whistle. Gorou knows about Kitaoka's double-life as Zolda, and it causes him great pain to think that his master is fighting for his life every time he transforms.

Gorou's dedication to Kitaoka came from a sense of guilt: Kitaoka had defended Gorou in court against a false charge instead of attending a medical examination that could have detected his cancer and saved his life. Kitaoka holds no grudge against Gorou, but the young man feels beholden to Kitaoka. At one point, Gorou nearly murders Asakura to protect his master. But Kitaoka stops him, knowing that the act would have shattered Gorou emotionally and gently telling him that it was not his duty to fight his battles for him.

Sadly, it was the very act of fighting one of Kitaoka's battles for him that led to Gorou's death. Having refined his abilities to the level of a master chef, Gorou could have left and lived his own life. But instead, with Kitaoka determined to finish things with Asakura but unable to because of his rapidly failing health, Gorou takes the Zolda Deck and goes in his place. The Mirror World is where Gorou meets his end.

Tropes associated with Gorou:

Daisuke Ookubo

Reiko Momoi

Tropes associated with Reiko:

Nanako Shimada

Tropes associated with Nanako:

Megumi Asano

Tropes associated with Megumi:

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