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Awesome: Kamen Rider Ryuki
  • In the non-canon 13 Riders Special, when Knight sacrifices himself by jumping in the way of Verde's Final Vent, instead of lying down and dying, he immediately gets back up and Final Vents him right back. He is clearly injured the whole time, and dies soon after.
    • Which is then followed by A now deck-less Shinji picking up the now user-less Knight deck, using it (going straight into survive in the process) and then either getting into a massive rider battle royale, or destroying the source of Mirror World, escaping in the process, depending on which of the Multiple Endings you go by.
  • When Shinji finally gets to be the cool one for the first time, saving an injured Ren from Volcancer.
  • When Knight and Ryuki first activate their Survive cards.
  • The first time we saw Dragredder turn into Dragranzer, and then into the most awesome Cool Bike ever.
  • Ryuki Vs. Ryuga. Heck, the fight ended in one of the most epic Rider Kick vs. Rider Kicks ever!
  • "Punch where there's Golden Feathers".
  • Episode 40. A 7-way free from all, from Knight vs. Alternative Zero on a Fival Vent clash, to Ouja vs Tiger, and ends with with Imperer's monsters joining the fight and Zolda, and Survive Mode Ryuki. Truly awesome.
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