Funny / JLA/Avengers

  • AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!, and Wasp adds, "And Justice League, uh—Lambaste!"note  The Justice League of America never did get themselves a battlecry. But it sounds like something The Flash would say. There were some proposals in the Justice League International. The Martian Manhunter rejected them.
  • When they first arrive in the DC universe, the Avengers are surprised by the overt friendliness and respect from the curious civilians. That is, all save Hawkeye. Who by the way is more than happy to give out autographs.
  • Hawkeye gets another one when the Avengers meet Metron, like the Justice League. The Avengers react to the display of the artifacts with shock and concern, save Hawkeye.
    Hawkeye (looking bored) Yeah, yeah...
    • He wasn't bored. He was embarrassed - that artifact (the Ultimate Nullifier) had already been lost to the JLA.
  • And then there's Hawkeye, at the end of the first issue: "They're nothin' but a bunch of Squadron Supreme wanna-bes! Five gets you ten they're mind-controlled!"
  • Hawkeye learning quickly The Flash is not The Whizzer.
    Hawkeye: Here— I'll show you how it's done— Starting with the Whizzer wannabe in red! (shoots a boomerang-tipped arrow at Flash)
    Flash: (dodges) Ah-ah! Not that easy, "Purple Arrow"!
    Hawkeye: (under his breath) Heh. Boomerang arrow gets 'em every--
    Flash: Sorry... (catches the arrow coming from behind)
    Hawkeye: Huh?!
    Flash: ...But I've had a little experience with boomerangs--!note  (runs past Hawkeye, knocking him down)
    Hawkeye: Aw, man! It woulda worked on the Whizzer...
    • A little Foreshadowing there - while all of the heroes are deadly serious, these two are having fun. (This would become a plot point in Issue #4.)
  • Plastic Man's rant to Batman: "HEL-LO! WERE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO YOURSELF?! "Stick to the plan," he says. "Observe and move on," he says. But does he follow the plan? Or does he spend twenty minutes beating up some LOON in Kevlar to save some drug dealers?!" (Shown above.)
    • Even funnier is the fact that Plastic Man, of all people, is trying to play Only Sane Man.
  • Before the bit about the Punisher, while the League is patrolling Earth-616, Superman is in Michigan witnessing the scene of a Hulk rampage and has the appropriate reaction. And what's Ol' Jade-Jaws doing? Gorging himself with food from a fridge in the market he just plowed through.
  • In the background of one splash page we see Batman doing a flying kick straight through Vision. The look on his face is priceless.
    • From the same page: The expression on Plastic Man's face while Quicksilver ties his body into knots.
  • Another one from Plastic Man: in the Justice League's second foray into Earth-616, they split up in pairs to look for the remaining items of that universe. Superman picks Green Lantern, Wonder Woman picks Aquaman... leaving a noticeably annoyed Martian Manhunter to take Plastic Man with him.
    Plas: Yoinks, and away!
    J'onn: ...
  • In issue 3, we see an ideal where the Justice League and Avengers work together, in their 60's-80's lives. Time keeps glitching around to different parties they held, and one party on the JLA Luau themed. In fact, you can even see Batman wearing a flower garment.
    • This also gives a hilarious match up nobody truly expected but makes sense: Wonder Woman and Wonder Man arm wrestling each other.
  • Both funny and awesome; in issue 4, Wonder Woman decides to fall back while the assembled heroes moved forward, to take on any threats from behind. Just as she prepares to battle Surtur, She-Hulk and Hippolyta offer to help her.
    She-Hulk: Hey, Star-shorts! Figured you'd be bored here by yourself so I thought I'd hang with you. We can talk girl-talk. Y'know, kicking butt, taking names, like that.
    • It also counts as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, as Hippolyta (from her Wonder Woman stage) also asks to join her. Keep in mind, she was dead at the time.
  • Some of the Leaguers are pretty disturbed with the Watcher just staring right into the Watchtower, most of all Firestorm:
    Firestorm: I gotta go to the bathroom. But if he sees through walls...
    • That Firestorm line becomes a Brick Joke later after he and Red Tornado nab their artifact out from under Thor and Vision's noses.
    Firestorm: Now let's go find a Big Belly Burger restroom before I burst...
  • Vision and Aquaman meet in a snowy Metropolis as time and space collapse around them. Neither of them quite knows what is going on, and Aquaman attacks the Vision in frustration. Vision's response:
    Vision: But perhaps, since we do not know our circumstances, we should refrain from killing one another until we know more.
    Aquaman: ...point taken.
  • Ben Grimm's brief visit to the Batcave. "Yer idea a' small change, huh?" (Referring to the giant "Bad Penny" trophy.)
  • Martian Manhunter's inability to read the minds of the Marvel Universe's denizens in one issue is a constant Running Gag. Even he admitted it was getting on his nerves.
  • Quicksilver's growing envy that his speedster counterpart The Flash has his own museum.
  • Hawkeye and Green Arrow's rivalry through out the story is hilarious to watch.
  • Once Iron Man and Hawkeye steal Kyle's Lantern battery, they teleport away before Flash can stop them. Leaving poor Flash alone and empty-handed... in Green Lantern's trashed apartment.
    Flash: Oh man, Kyle is gonna kill me...
  • Wonder Woman angrily punching out and mopping the floor with poor Hercules, referring to him as the "despoiler of Hippolyta"note . Though poor Herc, often oblivious and never the most tactful, really doesn't help his case much.note 
    Wonder Woman: You are Hercules, then? Despoiler of Hippolyta?
    Hercules: I would not use those words, myself— But I did have the honor of... (Wonder Woman punches him hard in the jaw)
  • All of Plastic Man's Funny Background Event moments. When Aquaman is giving the team instructions, he asks, "Ooh, who died and made him king, huh?", giving himself a crown and trident, and adding, "Oh, wait, that's right..."
  • Eric Masterson (a.k.a. Thunderstrike) as Thor blurting "Huh? Who're you?" to Superman Blue.
  • The Hulk stands in the middle of a gang of supervillains, roaring defiantly for them to attack him. Suddenly, the temporal distortion teleports Hulk away, replacing him with Yazz, a blue pterodactyl alien that for a brief time was the Justice League's accountant. It doesn't end well.