Funny / Inception

  • Saito, buying out the whole airline. "It seemed neater."
    • The way he says it just sells the joke.
  • The reason it's raining in the first level: Yusuf drank too much and then forgot to use the lavatories before starting the inception mission, so Los Angeles is all rainy.
    Eames: Too much free champagne before we went under, eh Yusuf?
    Yusuf: Ha ha bloody ha.
    • Also funny is that it's stopped raining by the time Ariadne and Arthur climb out of the water and what that probably means back on the plane.
  • "Quick, give me a kiss." *kiss* "They're still looking at us." "Yeah, it was worth a shot."
    • Ariadne has the most hilarious look on her face as she realizes what Arthur just did.
  • In a very quick moment of Mood Whiplash in an othwerwise-dramatic scene, Mal in the Action Prologue suddenly shooting Arthur in the leg. How sudden it is and Arthur's scream of pain is priceless before it abruptly goes dramatic again.
  • While Yusuf is driving the van, he manages to take out some of his pursuers and land the van upright after it is rammed off the road. He looks back and says, "Did you see that?" to the dreamers, having forgotten they are asleep, then turns back to the wheel in disappointment.
  • Yusuf flipping off the projected security guys and making intense faces as he drives backwards off the bridge.
  • "This would be a kick." The looks they give each other sell it.
    • Arthur's chair getting kicked over multiple times in montage, much to the amusement of everyone else. What sells it is him jerking awake before he hits the floor.
      • Mostly Eames' and Yusuf's amusement.
      • Basically Arthur being not strait-laced/uptight.
  • Arthur's silent reaction to the "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling" line.
    • The looks on Arthur's face during that scene are brilliant. Probably due to the fact that Eames' "darling" part of the line wasn't part of the script.
    • Most of Eames and Arthur's interactions are quite funny.
  • "Paradox." *Pushes off staircase*
  • Upon hijacking a car, the first thing Arthur does is pull a face and turn off the music (which does not sound anything like Édith Piaf). Very discreet and short, but effective. Arthur's actually a large source of humor despite (or because of?) his serious attitude.
  • "Asshole. How do you mess up the carpet?"
  • "Oh. I see you met Mrs. Cobb."
  • "If I could have a moment, Mr. Saito..."
  • When the van is falling and everyone's arms are flying up in the air like they're on a carnival ride.
  • Fischer getting exasperated and saying what everyone in the audience was thinking by that point:
    Fischer: Couldn't someone have dreamt up a goddamn beach?
    • Made funnier by the fact that Cobb does eventually "dream up a goddamn beach", but it quickly degenerates into a pure nightmare.
  • Fischer's mildly annoyed reaction to being kidnapped in a taxi:
    "There's five hundred dollars in there. The wallet's worth more than that, so you might at least drop me at my stop."
    • Made even funnier when a couple scenes later, Yusuf is examining the wallet and incredulously remarks, "Five hundred dollars, this cost."
  • About half the things Tom Hardy does in the film. It's why he's the Ensemble Darkhorse for the film.
  • In the beginning where Saito rescues Dom in Mombasa. One of the guys was ready to fire his gun right as Saito opened the car door, and knocked down the gunner. "Care for a lift, Mr. Cobb?"
  • Eames tossing a mook an explosive charge and flashing a thumbs-up. *BANG*