Funny / Iji

  • The title character and her brother have the following conversation if you have spent the majority of Level 1 jumping and breaking light fixtures with your head:
    Dan: Iji, about those ceiling lamps...
    Iji, with bits of glass in her hair: What?
    Dan: ...Um, nevermind.
  • Anything involving the scrambler.
    • All of Asha's logbooks are changed to 'indecipherable scribbles' and his dialogue is changed to onomatopoeic sounds like 'TOOT TOOT' and 'PEW PEW'.
    • Dan and Vateilika's 'Missile Pony' rants can also be this.
    • "Mindgames, son."
    • Nearly every mention of Yukabacera, actually. "A pony...with missiles!"
    • In the final boss fight, after Tor's "enjoy the view" line:
      Tor: You got that right! I got hot drink coupons riding on this one - check THIS out!
    • And in the ending, references to Asha killing Dan are replaced with Asha stealing Iji's socks.
  • Saving Dan.
    Asha: If you move, he dies!
    [the teleporter explodes]
    Asha: WHAT IN THE?
    • Leaving scrambler mode on results in this:
      Asha: >:(
  • The intro to reallyjoel's Dad difficulty.
  • Defeat the Final Boss with the Banana Gun. note 
    • Additionally, in Sector X, the casualty report logs will list kills by the Banana Gun as "fruit-assisted".
  • Even the game guide on Daniel's website isn't safe: the alt-texts for pictures include snarky lines such as:
    The picture on the guide's intro: Ellipsis as character voice is like tragic past as personality
    The Tasen Elite's picture: Hidden skill: speed lines
    The Tasen Elite Krotera's picture: Notable achievements: punched by Hel Sarie, universally loathed
  • On a pacifist run, keep talking to Vateilika. She's eventually break down in near-tears about how the way Iji poking her caused her and her ex to break up, because he wouldn't. STOP. POKING.
    Vateilika: Okay, I'm serious - dead serious - STOP DOING THAT! You wanna know how annoying that is? That you just keep poking me when you should've been outta here way long ago? I'm really super Blit-eating TIRED of people POKING ME! Okay look, how's this? Poke poke! How's this? Huh? Is that fun? Is that fun?
    Iji: Sheesh, calm down, I was just-
    Vateilika: JUST POKING! I loved Yuka, but his constant poking was what tore us apart! Such a great guy with just one little flaw! It's, it's so unfair that we couldn't be together just because of that poking! It's so unfair! Backflipping rocket-jumping POKING!
    Iji: Uh, I think I'll just leave you alone with this-
    Vateilika: JUST! POKE! ING! Like it's nothing at all! Let me tell you, let me tell you about the escape fleet! It was me, Yuka and Naot, right? And Yuka suddenly asked, `Hey, what's more annoying, this or this?` And first he poked Naot rapidly, then he just held his finger on his shoulder constantly, and Naot said the second one was the worst but it's nothing compared to the completely unexpected, completely random POKE on the shoulder that comes up from nowhere just when you're about to relax, just when you thought you couldn't be worse off than having your homeworld Alpha Struck, just when you thought you'd never feel just one more POKE that's like it's piercing through your Nanofield and shoulder pads! NOTHING! It's- it's. Just. *Sigh* (Deep breaths) I'm sorry... just... just don't do that again. I'm sorry.
  • On a Pacifist Run, one Tasen log lists the primary, most terrifying threat level as the human anomaly finally absorbing enough ammunition to create a black hole. (On a normal playthrough, it's just Iji killing everyone.)
  • Later on, one enterprising trooper sets up a trap for our intrepid heroine: a terminal with a remarkably addictive minigame. While the character's dealing with the minigame, Komato troops can just move in and capture her bloodlessly. Depending on the player, this may or may not be a very wise move...