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  • I'm not sure if it fits the definition, but I find it rather clever that, in order to achieve a true pacifist run (in other words, absolutely no direct kills whatsoever) you need the Velocithor, the second most powerful gun in the game!
    • Probably more irony than anything else, at least in my opinion.
  • Iji is the only character in the game that uses the Shotgun, right? Not quite. Take a closer look at General Tor's attacks. Almost all of them involve firing multiple projectiles simultaneously in a spread. Remember the logbook in Sector X stating that Iji's nanogun is a smaller version of the nanogun used by Komato generals. Also note that the Shotgun is the only weapon Iji had at the start, meaning it was likely built into that particular model of nanogun. It can be concluded that most of General Tor's weapons are built from the Shotgun, which came with his nanogun. Quite ironic that the strongest enemy in the game primarily uses attacks based on what is considered to be a weak weapon in-universe.