Funny / Husky Starcraft

  • This entire White-Ra Special Tactics cast due to him getting an hour of sleep the night before.
    Husky: Multiple men have had me sign their chest, BUT I am PROUD to announce... that multiple females as well, sooo it's not a total sausage fest. It's like... It's like 95% sausage, so we're getting there. We're getting there. There is a whole lot of meat to go around and we just need some ladies to start attending MLG's.
  • Any time he makes Overlord noises. Any time.
    "It's like, 'No, Mom, I swear, I'm just watching Husky Starcraft.' And then she blocks it at the router and you can never visit my website again but that's fine!..."
  • Jjakji ("ToT") has air superiority over LastShadow ("Yosh"), prompting the latter to build Thors and Husky to opine:
    "And the reason this is important is because Vikings, they love clumping up. Look at this." [he band-selects Jjakji's air force and zooms in] "Even at, when they're back at home, they just, they're just social butterflies, man. They gotta—they're extroverted, they gotta hang out with all their friends, kinda chill out—" [Jjakji gives his planes a Move command, and they clip through each other in a pile before sorting themselves out] "—even jumping on each other's backs like we just saw... And the reason that's important is because Thors, Thors are the introverts of StarCraft II. They, they ride solo, and, they don't, they don't want noisy parties, they don't wanna be out partying with everyone. So what do they do? They shoot— Well, they do what all introverts should do, is, they shoot giant missiles into the packs of the [extroverts] and kill them off quite easily. So, we're gonna have to watch out for those Thors."
  • From his Let's Play of Warcraft III:
    (upon seeing Uther) "Well Uther it's...been - Oh my god he's lvl 10! Oh My God those are knights! [focuses the camera on Arthas] OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU KILLING A FARM?!"
  • "It's a Thorsome, which is when three Thors do it."
  • The entirety of Bronze League Heroes Episode 6. BLH is Husky's attempt at When Cheese Fails, and this match in particular showcases poor Husky going from amusement to incredulity to angrish all in one video.
  • Bronze League Heroes Episode 11 brings us an absolutely hilarious, five stage Humiliation Conga / Epic Fail that the Zerg player's group of Mutalisks are put through towards the end of the game. First, he attempts to fly them into the Terran's base, but backs off at the sight of several Missile Turrets, but still loses one Mutalisk. Then he flys them to the right, and gets shot at by a pack of Marines. Next he accidentally runs them into several Thors, heavily damaging them. This sends him scurrying directly into a field of Widow Mines, which proceed to kill all but 3 Mutalisks, which are promptly finished off by Missle Turrets.
  • At the end of one match, Husky decided to sing.
    Husky: Girl look at that body. Girl look at that body. I-I-I work out! Girl look at that body. Girl look at that body! I-I-I work out!