Funny: Homicide: Life on the Street

  • The music montage in the movie with a frantic Mike Giardello uselessly running around and beating up suspects while Kellerman chooses to ignore him completely and to have lunch.
  • Pretty much anything John Munch says though his "Montel Williams" rant is definitely up there.
  • The detectives reading you your rights in "The Documentary".
  • Howard quitting Smoking and Felton's overreaction to it, and Bayliss getting Pembleton to smoke.
  • Munch ruining Bolander's and Howard's double date.
  • Lewis: You're like a father figure to me, big man.
    • Bolander: You ever repeat that, I'll gut you.
  • The "Electrolite Neutron Magnetic Scan Test" definitely counts.
  • Howard twitting Pembleton about her reasons for stopping smoking in "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes". Ed Danvers the "Alpha male", indeed.