Funny / High Plains Drifter

  • This little gem:
    Preacher: See here, you can't turn all these people out into the night. It is inhuman, brother. Inhuman!
    The Stranger: I'm not your brother.
    Preacher: We are all brothers in the eyes of God.
    The Stranger: All these people, are they your sisters and brothers?
    Preacher: They most certainly are.
    The Stranger: ...then you won't mind if they come over and stay at your place, will ya?
  • Topped off with this:
    Preacher: Brothers and sisters we will open our homes to you, none shall go wanting......for no higher than standard hotel rates.
  • When The Stranger tries to train the townspeople to fight back using a moving wagon and scarecrows for target practice. The Wagon Owner didn't take kindly to the Stranger using the wagon that way and tried to stab him from behind. The Stranger not even turning around to look at him, stops him by threatening him making him holster his knife.
    Wagon Owner: I don't remember lending my wagons to be shot up by those goddamn fools out there.
    The Stranger: You're gonna look awfully silly with that knife sticking up your ass.