Funny / Highlander

The 1986 film:

  • That exchange between Joe and Richie:
    Joe: "I think you're dying."
    Richie: "Stick around, I'll be right back."
  • The Kurgan. He's evil, but he's also funny, so you're laughing right along with him as he does all this evil shit with pure glee. And you feel kind of bad afterwards.
    • The Kurgan rips the roof off an old couple's car with his sword, then throws the old man out of the car with one hand. He then gets in the car, and utters "MOM!" then "WOOF!", scaring the crap out of the old woman, and starts driving like crazy.
    • The old man seems to be more concerned about his car being stolen than about his wife being unvoluntarily taken on a ride by a psycho.
  • The "Duel on Boston Common", from start to finish.
  • The Mood Whiplash felt when the love scene between Connor and Brenda is suddenly interrupted by a roaring lion at the zoo is such that if you're not startled by it you're probably chuckling instead.