Funny: High School Musical

  • Many scenes between Sharpay and Ryan. Most of the first movie comes off as Ham-to-Ham Combat .
  • Taylor: Au revoir, mon ami.
    Chad: I love it when you speak German.
  • From an outtake instead of the actual movie. Sharpay drives up in a pink golf cart, Troy gets in and won't go. So Troy gets out, gets on his knees, and starts pushing it.
  • "Creme brulee." It's funny for being random. Where did Zeke get that?
  • From the first movie - the basketball team's shirt message for the Drama Club. And Ryan's attempts to read it.
    • Troy loudly and proudly proclaiming the exclamation point that he has on his shirt.
  • When Chad tries to get Troy to see how his wanting to sing has making the whole school go crazy and he uses Zeke baking as an example. Instead of being surprised by it, Troy is surprisingly excited about it and asks what it is that Zeke's going to be baking. They get a couple lines of dialogue about it, until Chad interrupts them.
  • The "weird kids" from the first movie audition for the play by speak-singing "What I've Been Looking For", and doing an abstract dance. Miss Darbus calls this performance, "very disturbing", and advises the weird kids to see the counselor.
    • The facial expressions during that scene. Kelsi's completely confused, Ryan looks like he is in disbelief.
  • In the first film, Chad wears a shirt proclaiming "I come with my own background music."
  • "Bet On It". The lyrics are serious but Troy's actions while singing them are not. The music video of it, played during commericals at the time, increase the funny factor.
  • Troy and Sharpay's rehearsal of "You're the Music in Me". The look on Troy's face throughout the entire thing is just hilarious.
    Troy: Sharpay, I know I promised you I would do this and all but go easy on me? I'm kinda new to the whole performing thing.
    Sharpay: *nods understandingly* 5, 6, 7, 8! *FIREWORKS ERUPT*
  • And after the performance is over, Troy imagines Sharpay in a wedding dress.
    Troy: *clearly overwhelmed* I think I need some air.
  • Troy's reactions to Humuhumunukunukuapua'a are equally hilarious. He looks absolutely confused and terrified.