Funny / High School Musical

  • From the first movie - the basketball team's shirt message for the Drama Club. And Ryan's attempts to read it thinking it's all one big word.
    • Troy loudly and proudly proclaiming the exclamation point that he has on his shirt.
  • When Chad tries to get Troy to see how his wanting to sing has making the whole school go crazy and he uses Zeke baking as an example. Instead of being surprised by it, Troy is surprisingly excited about it and asks what it is that Zeke's going to be baking. They get a couple lines of dialogue about it, until Chad interrupts them.
  • The "weird kids" from the first movie audition for the play by speak-singing "What I've Been Looking For", and doing an abstract dance. Miss Darbus calls this performance, "very disturbing", and advises the weird kids to see the counselor.
    • The facial expressions during that scene. Kelsi's completely confused, Ryan looks like he is in disbelief.
  • In the first film, Chad wears a shirt proclaiming "I come with my own background music."
  • "Creme Brulee." It's funny for being random. Where did Zeke get that?
  • During the audition scene, a boy runs on stage, silently performing flawless ballet moves, and then goes offstage...apparently crashing into something there, if the sound effects are any indication.
  • The end of "Stick to the Status Quo". Gabriela slips upon a spilled container of milk, and her nachos go flying... Right onto Sharpay. How does Sharpay respond? With a loud scream. Gabriella then tries to clean it off repeatedly apologizing, and Taylor just picks her up and walks off in a "Don't. Just don't" Manner.
    • Slightly before that. After Gabriella laments that she can't have people staring at her due the callbacks, everyone starts singing again: the look on Tayrlor's face shows she is thinking Hell Is That Noise and she spends the rest of the song alternating between absolute horror and trying to save herself and Gabriella from the surrounding dancers.
  • "What the heck are those two doing in a TREE?"
  • Sharpay moves the callback date to the same day when Troy and Gabriella have major events going on. This results in the following caption;
    Game Day. Callback Day. Scholastic Decathalon Day. HELP!
  • From the Screen-to-Stage Adaptation:
    Taylor: Au revoir, mon ami.
    Chad: I love it when you speak German.
  • The entirety of "Stick to the Status Quo" could qualify, but two exchanges stick out:
    • With the Nerds' cliqué:
      Martha: Hip hop is my passion! I love to pop and lock and jam and break!
      Kratnoff: Is that even legal?
    • With the Skaters' cliqué:
      Ripper: Alright, if Troy wants to be a singer, then I'm coming clean. I play the cello!
      Mongo: AWESOME! ...What is it?
      Ripper: (Moves his hand back and forth)
      Mongo: A SAW?!

  • "Bet On It". The lyrics are serious but Troy's actions while singing them are not. The music video of it, played during commercials at the time, only increases the funny factor.
  • Troy and Sharpay's rehearsal of "You're the Music in Me". The look on Troy's face throughout the entire thing is just hilarious.
    Troy: Sharpay, I know I promised you I would do this and all but go easy on me? I'm kinda new to the whole performing thing.
    Sharpay: *nods understandingly* 5, 6, 7, 8! *FIREWORKS ERUPT*
  • And after the performance is over, Troy imagines Sharpay in a wedding dress.
    Troy: *clearly overwhelmed* I think I need some air.
  • Troy's reactions to Humuhumunukunukuapua'a are equally hilarious. He looks absolutely confused and terrified.
    • Towards the end of the song, Sharpay brings Troy onstage and tries to get him to sing the last verse. Troy just says "No way."
    • Then Ryan appears dressed like the hula dancers as if he wants to join in for the finale. He's told no, and spends the rest of the number stomping around the stage with a hilariously upset look on his face.
    • Really the number has to be seen to appreciate just how completely insane it is. The number includes Ryan dancing in a fish costume, a freestyle rap interlude, and "fish talk" that sounds like something Dory would say. Seriously, at one point Ryan actually gurgles. He then throws his drink off stage.
    • At the end Ryan, still horribly upset, steals the crown from Troy's head and puts it on. He the holds his hand out. Troy is baffled but then drops the flower lei in his hands. Satisfied, Ryan goes back to sulking.
  • "I Don't Dance", while doubling as Crowning Music of Awesome, fits here for the sheer amount of Ho Yay between Chad and Ryan.
    "I'll show you how I swing!"
    • Not to mention the hypocritical humor of Chad emphatically stating "I don't dance!"...while taking part in several elaborate dance numbers.
  • From an outtake instead of the actual movie. Sharpay drives up in a pink golf cart, Troy gets in and won't go. So Troy gets out, gets on his knees, and starts pushing it.
    Zac Efron: Put it in forward!
    Ashley Tisdale: It is!

  • The part of the Spring Musical medley where Rocketman comes out on stage when Sharpay gets to his part and he comes out in the most ridiculous getup he could cobble together and starts singing with her. Sharpay's reactions really sell it. It's somehow hilarious and awesome at the same time.
  • Tiara is about to get to the real heart of her song, when Sharpay, umbrella in tow, comes down from the ceiling on a swing and usurps the song, showing an amateur how it's really done. It features both of them fighting and waltzing together. Offstage, everyone is watching, and one of the choreographers' jaw drops.