Funny / Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name

  • Hanna's first meeting {...}. "Holy shit, you're dead!"
  • Worth calling Conrad "Count Fagula"
  • Hanna's amazing ability to state the obvious.
    Adelaide: Look. You're some halfwit who thinks he can take on vampires with a hammer, a pussy, and a zombie. I'm not exactly threatened. And I have better things to do so go away.
    Hanna: Whoa. She just called you a pussy. Sorry dude.
    Conrad: Yes, Mr. Cross. I know. I WAS THERE.
  • Conrad can't enjoy his blood bag.
  • "If you're dead I'm gonna kill you!"
  • Toni talks seriously about Hanna's status as a Weirdness the form of a blue Pomerian with a mohawk. Not only is her pissy face adorably hilarious, Hanna's reaction is essentially "So cute!"
  • Conrad meets Lamont, and the glorious rant that ensues.
    • "Ya are kinna greasy."
  • Worth's reaction to finding Adelaide hiding in Lamont's car.
    Christ, Lamont! When 'ya f*ck a woman in your car, don't forget to send her home!
  • The utterly ridiculous nervous grin Lamont pulls when asked about Adelaide