Funny / Greek

  • In episode 2x10, where Rusty decides to steal the Omega Chi pledge paddle to prove his worth...and gets caught and chased by the entire fraternity.
    Evan: Rusty?
    Rusty: What--this isn't Kappa Tau! [flees]
    Evan: OMEGA CHI!
    • Meanwhile, Kappa Tau are in the middle of a ceremony and wondering where Rusty is, when they hear a scream outside.
    Cappie: Hark! I'd know that girly scream anywhere! Hang on Rusty, I'm coming buddy!
  • In Midnight Clear, Evan and Cappie are dared to kiss.
    Calvin: (covering his eyes) I've been imagining this for so many years, and I can't even look.
  • In the pilot Cappie getting Evan and Rusty to seal their truce with a shot of tequila and immediately hiding behind Evan knowing he's about to find out why Rusty's nickname is Spitter.
  • Katherine in general, but a highlight includes her explanation for why she won't turn Casey in for burning the Gamme Psi house down:
    Katherine: Can't you just see the headline? "Sorority Mayhem: sexual favors and fiery revenge." Lifetime would probably make several movie adaptations, and they'd hire some mannish starlet to play me, because I'm tall, and I don't need that kind of publicity.