Funny / Grandia II

  • The ride on the 50/50. Triumphant music plays as the ship approaches the Granacliffs and soars over them, which then comes to a halt as it suddenly drops down, with the party screaming in fear. Then the music starts back up as the ship flies back out of the cliffs.
  • The sheer amount of snark that Ryudo drops, some of which knocks on the fourth wall.
  • Many of Millenia's combat quotes. Jodi Benson doesn't chew the scenery so much as she devours it whole.
  • Elena is introduced to Kuko Berries in the inn at Agear Town, something Ryudo tells her that locals chew on to 'make the corners round'. He tells her to go easy on them. She doesn't listen.
    • Despite this, Skye later expresses that he's impressed at how well she did for her first time having them!
  • As startling as it is, looking out of the window in the village where Aira lives to find that there actually was something watching you is so absurd it's kind of funny too.