Funny / Grandia

  • Right at the beginning of the game you go along to the Museum to visit the Curator and get back Justin's Spirit Stone. The Curator has just finished fixing up an absolutely priceless Icarian statue. A statue that Justin pokes... it breaks. Justin attempts to put it back together and makes a complete mess of it.
    • He and Sue then go to get the letter of visitation from the Curator attempting to pass off the earlier crash; and then there's a much louder crash from the other room as the screen goes ominously darker. Sue does a hilarious little collapse behind Justin at this.
    • Then the moment after they get out and Justin thinks they've got away with it you hear the Curator discover the broken statue.
  • The very first interaction Justin has with his mother is her clouting him on the head with a tray. It's hilarious.
  • The Air-duct scene on the ghost ship, made funnier because its all dialogue, up until Justin gets slapped out of the duct.
    Justin: "What are these? They're soft and squishy..."
    Feena: "Justin, you pervert!"
  • When Sue and Justin go to visit Feena for the first time, she's not home. Sue sees a pair of her panties and grabs them, calling them cute. Justin takes them back and reprimands her, only for Feena to show up and catch him with her undergarments instead. Cue Luminescent Blush.
  • When Pakon takes Feena with him to get married at a chapel, she ends up being bound and gagged. And when Justin tries to save her, he ends up getting a head concussion by Chang.
  • At the end of the Typhoon Tower event, Gadwin reveals that he asked Justin along because the MacGuffin they need is protected by a Sadistic Choice, with one path leading to the item they need, and the other leading to death. Gadwin offers to go in first, makes a heartwarming speech, and tries to enter the door... only to discover he's too buff to fit through the narrow door. The rest of the team just about does a Face Fault.
  • Entering Laine for the first time and meeting Milda's husband: A man-sized anthropomorphic bull. The look on Rapp's face just seals it.
  • If you talk to people here and there in Laine, you'll learn that their cattle are called Rapp. Your teamate Rapp is not amused at all. Justin on the other hand...
  • Guido summing up the events that have transpired since he joined up with Justin (after falling from a high place).
    Guido: Justin? Tell-a me why it is I'm-a always falling down when you're here?
  • Our heroes realizing the exact method of leaving Alent. That Liete doesn't make a big deal about it makes it even funnier.