Heartwarming / Grandia II

  • In the end sequences, Tio saves Roan and proclaims that she doesn't want to lose any more people that are precious to her.
  • Millenia being unable to kill Ryudo, instead sealing the Horns deep within him.
  • Elena overhearing Ryudo's guilt early in the game, causing her to forgive his earlier behavior and give him another chance.
  • Millenia, of all people, giving Sandra hope by telling her that Aira might wake up if she fills the field with flowers.
  • The fact that Granas sacrificed its life during the war in order to try to destroy Valmar and protect the world. It really shows that it was a kind and loving god. To quote a YouTube comment:
    Lady Wanderer: I would honestly respect and value a deity who genuinely sacrificed itself for humanity with no way to return, no "ascension" and no copout the way Granas did.