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Funny: Golgo 13
  • Despite the Unfortunate Implications, Golgo 13 has a rather notable one in the story "The Dark-Skinned Sniper". Duke Togo's target du jour is a corrupt politician in the Deep South. As part of a very intricate plan to get close to his target, Duke has taken a drug that darkens his skin color so that he can pass as black while staying with a cell of the Black Panthers organization (and catching up on his tanning). A group of cops raid the Panthers' shack, march everyone outside, and force them to strip at gunpoint so they can identify Golgo by his tanlines; Togo strips and stands up... and the cops glance at his crotch before mutually yelling, "Huh?!?" The other Panthers comment "Now he's a dark-skinned man all over! Do you see that!" "Kinda hard not to notice, actually." (For the record: The confused cops take them all in to the station, which gets Duke in range of his target.)
  • In the first episode of the anime, a CIA man says to Duke in the English dub, "By the look on your face I see you still remember me." How can he tell when Duke has only one expression?
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