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Funny: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
  • Baroness, while herding a woman out of an elevator at gunpoint: "Nice shoes."
  • Baroness again: after her Hummer gets blindsided by a train, as she pushes the driver's corpse out of the wreckage: "Next time, I'll drive."
  • "Did it work?...Good. Because I think I'm about to be arrested. Again."
    • Pretty much every line Ripcord says falls under here.
    • He IS played by Marlon Wayans, after all.
    • Nevermind his lines, just the shocked look on his face when Storm Shadow cuts his pistol clean in two.
  • This exchange:
    Breaker: "Finding McCullen's base is gonna be harder than finding a needle in a coal mine."
    Ripcord: "You mean haystack".
    Breaker: "Oh, right. Haystack in a coal mine"
    • Also this exchange:
    Duke: "I told you to read the manual."
    Ripcord: "There's a manual?!"
  • Bypassing the MARS base's security system:
    Breaker: "What you'll have to do is rewire the laser panel's brain by—"
    Snake-Eyes stabs the panel.
    Breaker: "—or you could just stab it..."
  • Ah, the joys of Tempting Fate:
    Baroness: "He (Snake Eyes) gave up."
    Storm Shadow: "He NEVER gives up."
    Cue their Hummer getting hit by a train
  • Speaking of Storm Shadow:
    Zartan: (after knifing Cover Girl) Oh, that's right. You don't kill women.
    Storm Shadow: For you, Zartan, I'll make an exception.

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