Funny / GE - Good Ending

  • Utsumi and Shou have a moment which gets completely ruined by Shou's mother and brother peeping on them.
  • The various silly antics of the cast in the extra chapter after the Distant Finale after they've settled in their new lives:
    • Yuki's father's attempt at babysitting when Utsumi's family visits Yuki's parents.
    • When Shou's family gets a visitor, her son rushes out of the bathroom followed by Kenta, both stark naked, much to Shou's embarrassment.
    • Izumi gets his face drawn on with a silly moustache while he's sleeping during a business flight just because Oonuma was feeling bored. Upon arrival and meeting his client, the said client thinks it's a fashion statement and Izumi doesn't know a thing.
    • Kouno and Eri grocery shopping. Kouno tries to hide some meat under the vegetables Eri wants him to eat, but gets found out anyway. Cue some Cranial Eruption on Kouno along with some scolding by Eri.
    • Tohru clearly being Oblivious to Love when Riko asks about a certain girl performing obvious acts of romance towards him (which he himself was clearly describing). Cue Cross-Popping Veins by Riko.