Heartwarming / GE - Good Ending

GE - Good Ending being a romance/drama/comedy has many cute and heartwarming moments.

Spoilers alert!

  • Utsumi finally decides to properly tell Yuki how he feels about her [1].

    • Made even more heartwarming since this was after Yuki told him what happened between Touru and her.

  • The above moment being followed by this and the next page

  • After The break up and tons of Angst, Utsumi gives us this.

  • Shou and Utsumi becomes a couple in this chapter

  • And once again Utsumi shows us why Character Development is such a great thing here and the next page.

  • After Kouno confess to Eri she tells him that if he wants to date her, he must sing the school anthem, what does he do? He sings it in the middle of a street, of course. [2]