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Funny: Faction Paradox
  • Godfather Morlock's Winston Churchill impression has to be heard to be believed.
  • This exchange:
    Godmother Quelch: "If I find out you've been faking [the relics] in that lab of yours, I'll stitch a cock to your shadow's forehead and charge people to use it!"
    Godfather Morlock: "That's the 15th time you've threatened to stitch something to my shadow and the 13th time you've chosen genitalia."
  • Justine and Shuncucker's first fight.
    • First there's this bit.
    Shuncucker: "What's that thing you've got anyway?"
    Justine: "It's a Japanese fighting stick."
    Shuncucker: "It's very nice."
    • Then they start one-upping each other with increasingly ridiculous shadow weapons.
    Shuncucker: "I've got a great big shotgun stuck to my shadow!"
    Justine: "Chainsaw severs shotgun."
    Shuncucker: "Gravity whip beats chainsaw!"
    Justine: "Demolition battery beats gravity whip!"
    • Which eventually escalates to...
    Justine: "DOOMSDAY WEAPON!"
    Justine: "What precisely is a Double Doomsday Weapon?"
    Shuncucker: "I don't know. But I've got one."
    • And poor Veeble is in the middle of this, trying to remind them they're on the same side.
  • Shuncucker realizes that Kein is immune to shadow weapons. However, she is not immune to being punched in the face.
  • "You're a ruthless bastard, Morlock! I'd almost like you, if you weren't such a colossal ponce."
  • "Get the fuck out of my room!" "Ah, yes. The fuck. I shall remove it forthwith."
  • The Iris Wildthyme crossover in A Romance In Twelve Parts, from start to finish. With a notable highlight being her demanding entrance to the City Of The Saved by claiming she had a strand of human DNA in her sixth incarnation.

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