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Funny: Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes
  • During the Tabletop RPG game, the narrator tries to narrate as usual, but Adrian interrupts him claiming that, as DM, he should be the one to narrate this segment. This leads the two to argue and in the end, Adrian wins.
  • Some of the early puzzles in the convent lead to some laughs, such as freaking out the local bully with a musket and marbles, tricking the snobby alpha student into screwing up her banner design and getting her scolded by the Mother Superior, or acquiring a chainsaw from the lunch lady because carrying a knife is considered too dangerous. Unfortunately, these are soon followed up by severe Mood Whiplash. The bully lights over a dozen cigarettes, helpfully provided by Lilli, at once to calm down and asphyxiates himself, the alpha student hangs herself out of grief, and the chainsaw is used to cut apart a tree enough to drop another student currently on it to their death.
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