Nightmare Fuel: Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes

  • One of the most disturbing things that was in the game is seeing the Valley of Uncomfortable Memories. When Lilli with her RPG comrades look, she looks utterly horrified at the statues representing the following's deaths. Freeman covered in termites, Suka's falling from the tree with tire swing Lilli cut to try getting rid of evidence, the gargoyle remains covering both Shy & Capu, Frank crushed by the wobbling cross, Birgit hanging herself after being snapped by Mother Superior, Shawny choking from the many cigarettes he was smoking to try calming down, and worse: Memphis being blown up by the bomb placed in the stove he thought he was safe in. And Lilli isn't the only one sick about it just by witnessing them.
  • There's something a bit unsettling about the new Harvey with his red eyes. It feels like he is one of the always grinning people when he talks. And the way his eyes glowed with the hypnotic trance music whenever he hypnotizes anyone? It just feels...unnatural.
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