Funny / Duke Nukem Forever

  • The "interactive" dildo in This video.
    • Duke: You wanna touch it, don't you?
  • Upon seeing a giant three-breasted alien monstrosity, most people would probably run and hide. Duke's response?
  • Duke engages in a little Lampshade Hanging:
    Twin: "What about the game, Duke? Was it any good?"
    Duke: "Yeah, but after 12 fucking years it should be."
  • When Gearbox had to delay the game again by one month, to June 10th in Europe and June 14th in the US, Gearbox released this video announcing the delay, with the Tagline "Duke never comes early."
  • This new trailer really puts strain on the definition of "Mature humor"
    Duke: Combo! Double Combo! Triple Combo! Super Combo!
    • And yes, there's an achievement/trophy tied into finding and stealing a piece of poo. Behold, the Turd Burglar.
  • During a point in the demo, Duke is allowed to draw a 'plan' on a whiteboard for some soldiers. No matter how nonsensical a drawing you make or how much of the original plan you replace, the soldier observing will respond with amazement.
    Soldier: Why didn't we think of that!? WHHHHHYYYYYYYYY!?
    • Alternately:
    Soldier: I have no idea what that means, but if I did, I bet that guy over there would still have his arm. And at least one of his balls.
  • Running an enemy over with Duke's monster truck:
    Beep beep, motherfucker!
    Frickin' jaywalkers.
    So much for anti-lock brakes.
  • When Duke gets shrunk by a trap in "The Lady Killer" he meets a kid who says he's "the coolest toy ever." Duke's response?
    "Hey, kid. I'm not a toy. I'm an action figure!"
  • Later, while shrunk, Duke ends up fighting some rats who mistake him for an easy meal.
    "Now those were some rodents of unusual size."
  • Later in that chapter, Mc Ready berates Clarke for saying "Let's do some damage!". Clarke then comes up with "Let's rupture some spleens!". Mc Ready's reaction is a dumbfounded "Why are you such a douche?
    • This is's one of the few lines the italian dub improved:
    Mc Ready: (exasperated) Why are you such an asshole?
  • Hearing shrunken Duke exclaim "Motherfucker!!!" in his squeaky voice as he falls down an air vent.
    • Upon being first shrunk; "The fuck...?"
  • The text on the loading screen offers some hilarious commentary as well.
    If you get stuck, you can always cheat by reading an online FAQ.
    You can slap our wall boobs, since real girls don't like it when you slap theirs.
    If you died from falling off a high ledge, it's probably your own fault.
  • For the Interactive Achievement 2011 Awards, Gearbox made this video. And it is HILARIOUS!
  • Duke's gleeful cackle and mimicking of complex machinery winding down broken after he trashes a turbine in "Underground" was so unexpected yet appropriate, Also, he has never felt so good about vandalism before.
  • Near the end of the game:
    General Graves: America is counting on you.
    Duke: [singing] America, fuck yeah!
  • Punching out Christian Bale. Nothing more needs to be said.
  • In The Doctor Who Cloned Me, Dylan becomes one of the funniest parts of series. His best line is his idea to get Duke to the moon (reverse the polarity) and the follow-up. It's just how proud he sounds about the idea that sells it.
    • Voice verification.
    Duke Clone: Repeat after me. I've got balls balls balls balls of steel.
    Duke: I've got, balls, balls of steel?
  • EDF officer offers power armor to Duke:
    Duke: Power armor is pussies.
    EDF: Ummmm, want a gun instead?