Awesome / Duke Nukem Forever

  • The fact that it's out.
  • Also, Duke himself Flipping off an alien spaceship.
  • "After 12 fucking years, it should be." BEST. LINE. EVER!
    • Hell, that whole SCENE is a CMOA. Playing a game, WHILE getting blown by TWO hotties at once (TWINS nonetheless)
  • I think we can agree the new Reveal Trailer is one long, 2:30 CMOA. Despite being cut down from the PAX trailer, it still manages to blow you away. ESPECIALLY considering that it reveals the new, definite release date.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we have now been subjected to what we thought impossible. He could take the invasion. He could take turning all the men into grotesque, women abusing pigs. He could even take those alien bastards drinking all his beer. But the second you touch his babes, oh Lord Almighty. Duke Nukem is fucking PISSED. This also carries over into a spiritual successor to a certain line we know.
  • What would Duke do? Something amazing is what!
  • The theme song, which is a remix of Grabbag from Duke Nukem 3D. It just cements the fact that the game is finally and truly here!
  • Me? I'm gonna RUN for president! *Crowd Cheers*...Hail to the king, baby!