Funny / Dudley Do-Right


  • Almost anything Dudley says has to crack somebody up
  • Nearly everything about "Saw Mill", but this one takes the cake.
    Inspector: Well stand there, Do-Right! Don't just do something!
    Narrator: It took them an hour and a half to straighten out that last line.
  • From "Marigolds":
    Nell: Lots of people are allergic to marigolds.
    Dudley: But I'm not people, I'm a Mountie.
  • In "Trading Places", how does Nell capture Snidely's goons? By stripping, of course.
  • Dudley tries to infiltrate Snidely's fake musicians by passing himself for a musician:
    Snidely: So, you are a musician?
    Dudley: Yes.
    Snidely: Can you play music?
    Dudley: .... No.
    Snidely: You're hired!
  • "Recruting Campaign" has a Running Gag of the inspector failing to recognize that his daughter, Nell, has become a recruited Mountie. At one point, the inspector tells "him" that he should stop wearing lipstick.
  • Inspector Fenwick arresting his own daughter after a bit of a mess-up where Dudley and Snidely are both disguised as Nell and she shows up too.
    Dudley: [removes his Nell mask after Fenwick drags her off] Well, Nell, all's well that ends well.
    Snidely: [also removes his mask] My sentiments exactly, Dudley!