Funny: Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry

  • The scenes of Harry peeping. He starts by accident, but continues willingly each time.
    • The first time Harry is caught by some passerbies who beat him up, and, after saving him and finding out why they were beating him, his partner Gonzales asks: "Is this why they call you Dirty Harry?"
    • The second time Harry is looking for Scorpio with binoculars when he notices some fanservice in a window... And is noticeably pissed when he's forced to stop because Scorpio has shown up just when the show was about to get very juicy, and not only has to stop peeping but open fire with an absurdly powerful rifle and thus scare away the girls.
    • The third time Harry is stalking Scorpio, who got Off on a Technicality, and one of the places where Scorpio goes is a strip club holding an amateur topless contest. Harry is visibly annoyed when Scorpio leaves and he has to follow him.
  • While Scorpio stealing the liquor owner's gun is tense and out of nowhere. What makes it funny is that after stealing the gun and knocking the owner out he steals another liquor bottle on top of it.
  • When Scorpio pays the black thug to beat him up.

Magnum force

  • This exchange:
    Sunny: "Hi!"
    Harry: "Oh, hi... what's your name?"
    Sunny: "Sunny. You know, I've been living here for almost six months now. It's funny I've never met you before."
    Harry: "Oh well... I work a lot."
    Sunny: "I know. You're the cop who lives upstairs."
    Harry: "That's right."
    Sunny: "Mind if I ask you a question?"
    Harry: "Go ahead."
    Sunny: "What does a girl have to do to go to bed with you?"
    Harry: "Try knocking on the door."
    • And later, she does. Of course, Harry is called at the precint and put on the vigilante case before they can actually do anything... And when he returns home, she's still there.

The Enforcer

  • Harry on the interview board for new inspectors. Especially when he cooks up the scenario about the female board member and a shetland pony.
  • Captain McKay arriving with a helicopter and shouting at Bobby Maxwell over a megaphone that he is going to give in to his demands and that he has the money... after Harry has already blown him up with a LAW.
  • The way that Harry handles getting transferred to Personnel. It's the way he says the last line, with a mixture of Oh, Crap and "that figures".
    Harry: Personnel? That's for assholes!
    Captain McKay: I was in Personnel for ten years!
Later when Harry is off the case and Mc Kay demands his info on it:
Harry: May I make a statement, Mc Kay?
Capt Mc Kay: Go ahead!
Harry: Your mouthwash ain't makin' it.
  • Harry chases Henry Lee Caldwell, and there is a bit where they actually crash a porno film shoot during the chase.
  • At one point, Harry roundhouse kicks someone in the face.