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Funny / Digital Devil Saga

  • In the first game, Cielo gets out of confinement by throwing a cat at the guard.
    • Cielo is pretty good at providing these.
    Ya can't be reasonin' with god, bro! Maybe I should show him some jammin' Latin rhythm, oh yeah baby, dig it!
  • Cielo's reaction to when he sees Argilla dressing as Sera is priceless.
    Cielo: Okay... Dis seriously won't work.
    Gale: Why is that?
    Cielo: Obviously! Sera isn't dis tall, her hair is way different and her arms ain't dat thick— *Smack* Oow.
    Argilla: Well, excuse me.
  • Mick The Slug trying to escape, only to run into the Embryon before Heat repeats his line about tearing him apart.
    • Setting up for the repeated threat, Argilla prompts Serph by asking, "What was it Heat said, again?" Your options are: "I think it was something like..." (prompting Heat yourself) or "I don't remember." Pick the second one?
    Heat (to Serph): You really suck. (to Mick) I'm gonna tear you apart, you fat freak!
  • Titania threatening Serph when revisiting Coordinate 136.
    Titania: I'll ram this Sugar Key so far up your ass that it can watch me kick the crap out of you!
  • Cielo suggesting that Sera uses Latin Rhythm Jammin' to quell God's anger, complete with a little dance.
  • The look on Roland's face when he gets called "the clever one" by Argilla.
  • The mantra named Wikipedia
  • The Hip Hop / Hee Hoo Brothers. Full stop.