Awesome / Digital Devil Saga

  • The end of "The Journey of the Blue Prince and the Red Prince", when, after having had to fight each others for Sera's sake, said Blue Prince (Serph) and Red Prince (Heat) talk to each other as friends again, and together tell Mick that they'll kick his ass, and then proceed to do so. Truly a Crowning Moment, with a bit of heartwarming friendship, for both Serph and Heat.
  • Gale earns his own CMoA after Lupa's death, promising him to take his message to his child, and then breaking out of his usual coldness to say:
    Gale: Be you angel or demon... You will surely regreat giving me this cursed power!!
    • Even before that, he gains points even as an emotionless droid. When first talking to Lupa, he suspects he's an assassin sent by Varin Omega. Without missing a beat, he flicks open the blade he keeps in his boot and delivers a kick to Lupa's throat with such control that the blade stopped at mere milimeters from actually touching Lupa. Who, incidentally, keeps a perfect poker face through it all.
  • And of course, the freaking scene before the final fight! With Serph pushing himself even beyond the paralysis imposed on him by the closest thing to a god's will in that world, and still managing to transform, and reach out to Sera and Angel, breaking his comrades free of the paralysis, and cue to the final battle.
    Heat: Bring it ON!!
    • And another good line before that, again from Heat:
    Heat: We're taking Sera and going to Nirvana, so get your snobby bitch-ass out of the way!
  • Two for the player: beating the Demi-fiend and Satan. Nintendo Hard boss in comparison to a game series that is already Nintendo Hard? You seriously can't say that you don't feel like the biggest badass ever after kicking their asses. No matter how many times it took you.
  • The introduction of Digital Devil Saga 2, before the events of the game even starts, Serph is navigating the now devoid of life real world and stops in front of a statue with a gun in its mouth. He is surrounded by Karma society troops immediately after that. The following scene was the single most badass display that cements the reason why he is the leader of the Embryon.
  • Roland's first appearance in the game starts with a nihilistic Crowning Moment of Awesome, moves onto a badass Crowning Moment of Awesome, since seriously, who gives themselves a virus that causes them to become a cannibal demon in order to find redemption without being a complete and utter badass, and ends with a enlightened Crowning Moment of Awesome when he apologizes to Fred and goes off to die against Meganada, knowing it's his karma.
    • Roland gets another one in the Power Plant. The Genre Savvy scientists broke all the controls for the electronic doors, which are designed to shut when broken. Roland solves the problem by punching the controls lightly and sending an electrical unlock signal, without transforming. He's not overloading the system; he's communicating with it. He says that the computer is reading his will to unlock the door, but there's a lot more that he's doing. First, he doesn't know the specific signal. Second, he doesn't know how fast the computer is running; computers read signals by turning them into binary, which is achieved by reading whether the voltage is high or low on a clock. Third, that clock can run extremely fast.
  • An Offscreen Moment of Awesome for Angel in the second game, after finishing the Karma Tower. After the party leaves to rescue Sera, a group of Karma Society soldiers break into her office to arrest her. Her reaction? To very calmly face them, ask "who do you think invented the demon virus?" and reveal her Atma brand. Those poor mooks got thrashed by the final boss of the first game, not that we get to see it...
  • When Sera becomes a cannibal demon.
  • In the flashback, the original Serph, manipulating Nurse Argilla into shooting Heat's original model when Heat tried to stop him from torturing Sera any more. Granted, it didn't turn out well for him...
  • Cielo's moment to step up comes when facing the leader of Tribhvana, who had gone mad enough to devour his own partners, which unleashed the usually calm Cielo's fury, who's ready to kick his ass, but instead of killing him, he ends up making him realize what he's done, and makes him regret it.
  • The later half of the game is full of Crowning Moments of Awesome for the entire supportive cast!! And this here is getting into serious spoilers, 'cause it's all about Heroic Sacrifices.
  • Finally catching up to the utter jackass that is the true Serph Sheffield and show him what you and his old pal Heat O'Brien think of his "godhood".
  • The Very Definitely Final Dungeon is the Sun.