Awesome / Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army

  • Raidou whacking Rasputin upside the head with a bottle at the soda joint.
  • Also in Raidou: For this troper, it was this moment. He does not even blink!. (Warning: pre-Ep. 3 spoiler; very new players may want to avoid.)
    • He totally blinks. 1:29 minute mark.
      • Huh. Missed that somehow. Well, either way, still gets CMOA points for, y'know, not showing the slightest bit of fear with this thing right in his face.
    • And again here, starting at 0:40. He watches a second giant robot battleship rise from the water after the first one levels half the city, and he's completely unimpressed.
  • Good ones. But few really compare to the moment Sukuna-Hikona decides to stop playing and plays on a big screen he summoned the awesome scene of the Soulless God Battleship drifting into the Capital's harbor... and immediately deploy its bipedal combat form. Horrific? Sure. Awesome? OF COURSE.
  • And the ending, where Raidou and Kaya are falling through the timestream, the future Kuzunoha still trying to hang on to Kaya's body. Raidou flies up and *slice!*—he cuts the bastard's arm off, finally freeing Kaya from his control.