Funny / Devilman

  • Ryo's introduction.
  • Near the end of the OVA, Akira falls from the sky and lands, naked, in the middle of a giant, Amon-shaped hole in the ground. Given how serious the rest of the OVA is, this is hilarious.
  • In the first volume, when Ryo tells Akira to put on the demon mask.
    Ryo: Put it on.
    Akira: (beat) I-I'd rather not.
    Ryo: (annoyed) Put it on.
    Akira: Maybe next time?
    Ryo: Put it on!
  • Before they enter the demonic rave club, Ryo is seen smoking a butt.
    Ryo: Oh this? Its laced with drugs.
  • In Shin Devilman, Ryou and Akira are slipping around the timestream. While they're in ancient Greece, they apparently enlisted as sailors. Their ship is under attack, so they jump overboard. Ryou, not having Akira's demonic strength, can barely stay afloat and tells Akira to take his heavy armor off. Then he gets flustered when Akira tries to take his skirt off. Doubly hilarious when as Satan, Ryou goes butt-naked all the time.
  • The English Dub of the the first two OVAS provide some gems given the ridiculous amount of profanity. Special note goes to a scene in the second OVA:
    Ryo: Perhaps it's the natural order that demons exist to kill people?
    (Akira grabs Ryo)
    Akira: (Furious) Now listen here, Ryo! If you ever say that again, I'll rip your fucking head off and shit down your neck, OKAY?!