Funny: Death Grips

  • The, er, "sample" at the start of "Inanimate Sensation". One commenter described it as "an army of Peter Griffins".
  • In the "unrotated edit" of the "Inanimate Sensation" video, there are select moments where we get to see Ride dancing while wearing giant googly eyes.
  • The airhorn in "Thru the Walls". Especially funny if you're a fan of montage parodies, where that same airhorn sound is spammed into the ground.
    • The airhorn returns for a choice second in the middle of "Pss Pss".
  • One of the samples used in "Have a Sad Cum" is, of all things, the sound of Ride sneezing.
  • "Klink" has the sound of Ride loudly moaning used as a backing beat. And it really makes you wonder what he's doing back there...
  • There are select moments in the "Double Helix" video (which is shot from a car's backseat camera) where we see Ride violently humping the camera.
  • The scene in which Ride viciously devours a house plant in the short movie at the start of the "Come Up and Get Me" video. It's equal parts funny and scary.
  • Most of "Hacker." The table's flipped, now we got all the coconuts, bitch!
  • The official video for "The Powers That B" is just the band cleaning white pellets off a hotel room floor for 5 and a half minutes, sped up.