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Each album is about a different aspect of the "MC Ride" character
The content of each album covers a different aspect of MC Ride. Exmilitary represents anger, No Love, Deep Web paranoia, and The Money Store is about his actual exploits, or possibly greed/hedonism.
  • Well in an interview Ride and Zach Hill had with Pitchfork, they say that MC Ride is not a character, but rather more an extension of Stefan Burnett, who is Ride's real name.
  • Government Plates is Ride trying to get over his flaws, as the sparse lyrics show his incoming catatonia.

The albums tell a conceptual story about an ex-military veteran who is haunted by his past and gradually goes insane, turning to an increasingly violent hedonistic lifestyle.
  • As has been hypothesized elsewhere, Government Plates represents the character being overpowered by his lifestyle and going into a coma.
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