Trivia / Death Grips

  • Doing It for the Art: Their entire ethos. They released several of their works entirely for free and "broke up" mostly because they were afraid that this would be uncontrollably subverted.
  • Executive Meddling: Epic Records attempted to push back the date of NO LOVE DEEP WEB's release to some time in 2013, when the Alternate Reality Game they'd been running had hyped the original release date of October 23rd for quite some time. Death Grips responded by immediately leaking the album, with a photograph of a penis as the cover.
  • Follow the Leader: They've already started what is essentially a new genre, or at least a new concept of combining noise and harsh noise with hip hop.
    • Lo and behold, people were quick to draw similarities to Death Grips in Kanye West's album Yeezus.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: On stage/record, MC Ride is a gangbanger who has major mental and anger issues. Offstage, Stefan Burnett is a soft-spoken, mild-mannered man who likes to paint. The same can be said for Zach and Andy.
    • On stage, Andy normally looks threatening, dressing in all black and moving spontaneously. However this video revealed him as simply a nerdy and awkward audio engineer.
  • One of Us: The band is very knowledgeable, and at times downright obsessed, with the seedier, weirder side of the internet, and maintain lots of contact with their fans via Image Boards. MC Ride namedrops 4chan's /mu/ board in the song "Fuck That", and their second album NO LOVE DEEP WEB was given a Alternate Reality Game based around both /mu/ and the Tor-based so-called "deep web", run entirely by the band members themselves. They even responded to a fan's question asking if they would accept Bitcoin as a payment method for their album. They said yes.
  • Schedule Slip: The Powers That B achieved notoriety for this. Prior to its finally being released, ever since it failed to see a 2014 release (as the band promised), nearly every speculated release date has come and passed—even ones promised (and later retracted) by Harvest Records. Their website had been promising that "digital and physical release dates [were] coming soon" since October 2014.
  • Trolling Creator: So very much. As but one example, the letters of the songs on Fashion Week spell out Jenny Death When, referring to the fact that the release date for Jenny Death had yet to be announced at the time of Fashion Week's release. (The phrase was a popular question on Image Boards and elsewhere, making it a bit of an Ascended Meme).