Funny / Children of Men

  • In an otherwise very dark and serious film, Theo and Kee both using a Car Door Stop on the same guy.
  • Also Jasper playing a bit of zen music.
  • Another Jasper scene - his joke about the convention to figure out why women aren't giving birth anymore. The punchline comes from out of nowhere and is so absolutely silly that you can't help but laugh.
  • The tense scene on the bus where Kee's water breaks just as a policeman comes in. Theo panics, shouts and points "Look, piss! Smell it!" He says smell it on accident just so the policeman doesn't identity it as amniotic fluid. The policeman responds by saying "YOU smell it! You people disgust me!" Theo comes off as a madman excited about piss, and demanding that the officer smell it.
  • When the baby starts crying the middle of the shoot-out and Theo asks Kee how she (baby) is:
  • Calling Syd a "Fascist Pig".