Tear Jerker / Children of Men

  • As the film climaxes, the British government and the refugees begin a full-scale war, but the fighting briefly comes to a halt when the fighting refugees and soldiers, for the first time in eighteen years, hear the sound of a crying baby. Full stop. All the soldiers and Fishes stop fighting. Total silence in the warzone as soldiers part to let the baby through, several of them dropping to their knees and making the sign of the cross. Once they're free of the building, someone fires a shot and fighting resumes in a viscerally realistic way.
    • Making the scene particularly memorable and heart-wrenching was the incredibly human reactions of the refugees and the soldiers. The refugees - of all races, colors, and creeds - were letting it all out, crying and rejoicing at the same time. The soldiers, meanwhile, mostly stare at the baby with silent amazement. A few get down on their knees to pray. A couple try to hide tears with sniffles. Another guy looks on completely oblivious to his commander squawking on the radio. And yet it seemed as though every one of them was saying "Oh God. Our lives were not wasted." A great performance by the movie's "extras".
    • That scene with the soldiers is all the more awful because of what happens a few seconds later. Someone from the building starts shooting, the spell is broken, and as Theo and Kee run for their lives the soldiers obliterate the building in a hail of bullets.
      • A sign of the significance of the birth. That rocket flew close enough to them that, had there been any shrapnel, it might have killed them. The rebels didn't get any more shots off after someone fired that rocket.
  • Also, earlier in front of the same apartment building, the army shooting a group of civilians walking out with a white flag.
  • Jasper's poor wife, who is in a catatonic state because MI5 tortured her. The scene where Jasper says goodbye to her is done while a sad songs plays.
  • Jasper's death. He gets shot by the Fishes. Theo's reaction?
    "You tell me the fucking reason in that."
    • While this is going on, there is a woman with a clearly fatal stomach wound and what is she doing? Singing to calm the baby down.
  • Julian's death and funeral.
    • As Miriam is performing the rites, Theo steps behind a tree to smoke a cigarette. Before he can even light it, he breaks into quiet tears of despair. Clive Owen portrays it so realistically that it's hard not to cry with him.
  • The death of "Baby Diego", the world's youngest person at a mere eighteen years of age; all because he refused to sign an autograph. Even worse, he was the last known child born into the world; the image of dozens of people mourning over the news of his death is what sets the tone for the entire film.
  • The scene of Theo and Kee stopping to rest at an abandoned school, with Kee sitting on a swing set. It is likely that every single school in the world has met this same fate, complete with the remains of childhood innocence that are quietly fading into alien notions.
  • Human civilization breaking down into complete anarchy, with the explicit implication that Great Britain may be the only "functioning" nation remaining. One scene has Theo's colleagues having gotten back from the Louvre in Paris, recovering the remains of Michaelangelo but reporting that the Pieta had been desecrated beyond recognition. Theo knows that these efforts to preserve what remains of their culture holds no meaning anymore.
  • Miriam getting pulled off the bus in Bexhill... The whole entry into Bexhill scene can be this blurring into Nightmare Fuel, especially if you know your modern history.
  • Luke, the resident Big Bad, is holed up in the shelter facing off with British soldiers. He starts crying for the baby, and when desperately holding his gun on Theo, he's told that the baby is a girl. He then confesses to Theo about how he remembered his beautiful baby sister. It becomes clear just how scared he is, and seems to be a brief Heel Realisation for him, like he can't figure out when he became a Knight Templar terroist who kills innocents in cold blood.
    Luke: I had a sister...
  • And at the end, fighter planes flying overhead, with fireballs over Bexhill...
  • Marishka leaving Theo and Kee in the boat only for everything to explode moments later.
    • She was underground, though, so if she didn't immediately head back to the surface, there's a decent chance she survived. Unless the government came in afterwards to "mop up" the survivors, of course...