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Awesome: Children of Men
  • It's a low-key example, but it's definitely awesome: Ian's face when Kee's pregnancy is first revealed to him. If anybody wondered what a person would look like upon beholding the salvation of humanity... well, now we know.
    • Even more awesome the fact that the Uprising stops just to hear the the first cries of a baby in 20 years.
  • Theo and Marichka beating the living daylights out of Syd.
  • The long single shot scene at the end when Theo basically charges through a gunbattle to rescue Kee is so beautifully done as to be awesome all by itself. The fact Theo does all this for someone he just met while being unarmed merely adds to it.
  • From a meta perspective, many of the long shots are ridiculously awesome, given the amount of things happening in them. A real kudos to the film-makers.

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